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11th place solution for Kaggle Human Protein Atlas Image Classification
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11th place solution for Kaggle Human Protein Atlas Image Classification


This repository which contains our team's solution for Human Protein Atlas Image Classification. And my teammates include qrfaction, shisu, lihaowei, chenjoya, hadxu and chizhu. I am very grateful for their selfless efforts,

Team Details

Each of my teammates did a great job.

  • qrfaction used the Nadam optimizer and explored effective data augmentation
  • lihaowei was responsible for solving the problem of data distribution
  • shisu was the main author of our third stage experiment
  • I was responsible for tuning parameters and trained different large model because I had 4xp40.

We've done a lot of experiments with different optimizers, different learning rate decay, different data augmentation, different data distribution, different model and so on.

Datails of solution

You can check the details of our solution with the two links below and you also can check the code.

Other excellent Solutions


Thank you very much, if you want to use the code of this repository, I hope you can write the author of the code.

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