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Hackintosh Acer E5-571-5552
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Serria hackintosh for Acer E 15 (E5-571-5552)

Initial steps could follow the guide in

  1. Follow the guide until extracted the DSL files from the bios; (the dsdt files were extracted under Linux.)
  2. Use the all in one patch files to patch all the DSDT and SSDTx files in DSL format, and save to AML forma; or use the patched dir; or find the individual patches listed in the beginning of the all in one patches;
  3. Install the kext files to OSX
  4. Copy the EFI to EFI partition; Copy the DSDT and SSDTx AML files to APCI/patched/;
  5. Set the UEFI boot in BIOS and disable safe boot (?or something named similar);

Everthing works except for:

Bluetooth, LED backlight

Hope I can solve those soon. But won't try again in short time.


Put some useful documents in the docs, in case their server is down.

IASL sources settings, if not using the all in one patches: iasl parameters

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