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Export the NSX DFW Rule Hit Counts
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vRO Workflow - NSX DFW Rule Hit Count

Export the NSX DFW Rule Hit Counts for all layer 3 DFW firewall rules to a CSV and email this to the user.

Full details of the workflows can be found at

Change Log

Updated 19th August, 2019

  • Added the below fields to the CSV output. Logged is an optional field where the requester is prompted to include this field or not.
    • Disabled (TRUE / FALSE)
    • Action (allow / deny)
    • Logged (TRUE / FALSE)
    • Sources (any or array of sources)
    • Destinations (any or array of destinations)
    • Services (any or array of services, along with the protocol)

Updated 6th August, 2019

  • Update the workflow logic to retrieve each rule hit count once the rule ID is found
  • Remove unnecessary attributes
  • Added email CSV as an optional requirement

Updated 2nd August, 2019

  • Retrieve all layer 3 sections
  • Retrieve each rule from each section and add to Array
  • Retrieve the hit count for the array of rule IDs

Sample Output

Image of Sample Report

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