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Thrift Changelog
Version 0.9.0
THRIFT-164 Website Build web tutorial on Incubator web site
THRIFT-304 Python Building the Python library requires development headers
THRIFT-317 Java Issues with Java struct validation
THRIFT-330 Compiler (General) Additional method to called when connection is broken
THRIFT-336 Csharp Compact Protocol in C#
THRIFT-369 Ruby Sets and maps break equality
THRIFT-481 Ruby Indentation of ruby classes is off by a few
THRIFT-491 C++ Ripping raw pthreads out of TFileTransport and associated test issues
THRIFT-541 Cocoa Cocoa code generator doesn't put keywords before all arguments.
THRIFT-556 Ruby not correctly referred to top-level modules when a submodule masks the top-level name
THRIFT-681 Compiler (General) The HTML generator does not handle JavaDoc style comments very well
THRIFT-956 Python Python module's version meta-data should be updated
THRIFT-973 Cocoa Cocoa library won't compile using clang
THRIFT-982 JavaME add version Info to the library
THRIFT-1023 Ruby Thrift encoding (UTF-8) issue with Ruby 1.9.2
THRIFT-1061 Java, PHP Read an invalid frame size of 0. Are you using TFramedTransport on the client side?
THRIFT-1072 Cocoa Missing - (id) initWithSharedProcessor in TSharedProcessorFactory.h
THRIFT-1082 Perl Thrift::FramedTransport sometimes calls close() on an undefined value
THRIFT-1090 Website Document the generation of a file called ""
THRIFT-111 Python TBase class for dynamic (de)serialization, and __slots__ option for memory savings
THRIFT-1128 Build OS X thrift.h incompatibility with Thrift.h
THRIFT-1159 CSharp THttpClient->Flush() issue (connection thru proxy)
THRIFT-1204 Ruby Ruby autogenerated files should require 'thrift' gem
THRIFT-1224 Ruby Cannot insert UTF-8 text
THRIFT-1235 C++ How could I use THttpServerTransportFactory withTNonBlockingServer
THRIFT-1267 JavaScript Node.js can't throw exceptions.
THRIFT-1277 JavaScript Node.js serializes false booleans as null
THRIFT-1326 C++ on some platforms, #include <stdint.h> is necessary to be included in Thrift.h
THRIFT-1327 Ruby Fix Spec Suite under Ruby-1.8.7 (works for MRI Ruby-1.9.2)
THRIFT-1338 Build Process Do not use an unpatched autoconf 2.65 to generate release tarball
THRIFT-1340 Cocoa Add support of ARC to Objective-C
THRIFT-1343 Erlang no_auto_import min/2 to avoid compile warning
THRIFT-1344 Erlang Using the httpc module directly rather than the deprecated http layer
THRIFT-1368 Java TNonblockingServer usage
THRIFT-1394 C++ Treatment of optional fields is not consistent between C++ and Java
THRIFT-1421 Build Process Debian Packages can not be built
THRIFT-1427 PHP PHP library uses non-multibyte safe functions with mbstring function overloading
THRIFT-1429 Java The nonblocking servers is supposed to use TransportFactory to read the data
THRIFT-1433 C++ TServerSocket fix for MSVC
THRIFT-1438 C++ lib/cpp/src/windows/config.h should read version from rather than a #define
THRIFT-1441 Delphi Generate constructor with parameters for exception class for message property auto update
THRIFT-1443 C++ define a TProcessor helper class to implement process()
THRIFT-1444 C++ FunctionRunner - add syntactic sugar to create shared_ptrs
THRIFT-1446 Delphi Compile error with Delphi 2009 in constant initializer
THRIFT-1447 Java NullpointerException in ProcessFunction.class :in "oneway" method
THRIFT-1449 Ruby Ruby client does not work on solaris (?)
THRIFT-1450 Build Process Problems building thrift 0.8.0 for Python and Ruby
THRIFT-1451 C++ FramedTransport: Prevent infinite loop when writing
THRIFT-1452 C++ generate a swap() method for all generated structs
THRIFT-1453 C++ Don't change types of arguments when serializing with thrift php extension
THRIFT-1456 C# System.Net.HttpWebRequest' does not contain a definition for 'Proxy'
THRIFT-1460 Python why not add unicode strings support to python directly?
THRIFT-1461 C++ Recent TNonblockingServer changes broke --enable-boostthreads=yes, Windows
THRIFT-1463 Compiler Decouple Thrift IDL from generators
THRIFT-1464 Java AbstractNonblockingServer.FrameBuffer TNonblockingTransport changed public to private
THRIFT-1465 Java Visibility of methods in generated java code
THRIFT-1466 C glib Proper Documentation for Thrift C Glib
THRIFT-1467 Delphi Possible AV with empty strings when using JSON protocol
THRIFT-1468 Java Memory leak in TSaslServerTransport
THRIFT-1469 Java Java isset space optimization
THRIFT-1473 Delphi JSON context stack left in an incorrect state when exception thrown during read/write
THRIFT-1475 Erlang Incomplete records generation for Erlang
THRIFT-1479 PHP Compiled PHP process functions missing writeMessageEnd()
THRIFT-1480 Python remove tabs, adjust whitespace and address PEP8 warnings
THRIFT-1483 Java java compiler does not generate type parameters for services in extended clauses
THRIFT-1484 PHP Introduce phpunit test suite
THRIFT-1485 Delphi Performance: pass large and/or refcounted arguments as "const"
THRIFT-1486 Test Suite Javascript manual testserver not returning content types
THRIFT-1488 Build Process invalid conversion 'pthread_t {aka _opaque_pthread_t*}' to {aka long long unsigned int}'
THRIFT-1490 C++ Windows-specific header files - fixes & tweaks
THRIFT-1491 C++ Uninitialize processorFactory_ member in TServer.h
THRIFT-1492 C glib enabling c_glib render thrift unusable (even for C++ code)
THRIFT-1495 Test Suite PHP TestClient fatals on missing class
THRIFT-1496 PHP PHP compiler not namespacing enums
THRIFT-1498 Java Allow TThreadedPoolServer.Args to pass a ExecutorService
THRIFT-1500 D D programming language support
THRIFT-1501 PHP PHP old namespaces not generated for enums
THRIFT-1502 C++ TSimpleServer::serve(): Do not print out error message if server was stopped.
THRIFT-1504 Cocoa Cocoa Generator should use local file imports for base Thrift headers
THRIFT-1508 C++ TServerSocket does not allow for the user to specify the IP address to bind to
THRIFT-1510 Ruby There should be an implementation of the JsonProtocol for ruby
THRIFT-1511 Java Server with oneway support ( JAVA )
THRIFT-1512 C++ Thrift socket support for Windows XP
THRIFT-1515 Python NameError: global name 'TApplicationException' is not defined
THRIFT-1518 C++ Generated C++ code sends the first optional field in the write() function for a struct.
THRIFT-1519 Ruby Thirft Build Failure referencing rb_intern2 symbol
THRIFT-1520 Erlang Embed version number in erlang .app file
THRIFT-1521 PHP Two patches for more Performance
THRIFT-1523 Java clientTimeout not worked as expected in TServerSocket created by TSSLTransportFactory
THRIFT-1524 C++ TNonBlockingServer does not compile in Visual Studio 2010
THRIFT-1526 Java Union TupleSchemeFactory returns StandardSchemes
THRIFT-1527 Java Gen tupleReadStruct in unions return null when the setfield is unrecognized
THRIFT-1529 Java TupleProtocol unintentionally includes extra byte in bit vectors with ptional fields is 8
THRIFT-1532 Erlang The type specifications in the gen Erlang code should include "undefined" for default val
THRIFT-1534 Delphi Required fields in the Delphi code generator.
THRIFT-1535 Java Why thrift don't use wrapped class for optional fields ?
THRIFT-1537 Delphi TFramedTransport issues
THRIFT-1539 Python Build and distribute the fb303 python libraries along with thrift
THRIFT-1553 Node.js thrift nodejs service side can't read map structure, key as enum, value as Object
THRIFT-1554 Delphi Inherited service methods are not resolved in derived service implementations
THRIFT-1555 Delphi Delphi version of the tutorial code
THRIFT-1567 C++ Thrift/cpp: Allow alternate classes to be used for
THRIFT-1571 Ruby Update Ruby HTTP transport for recent Ruby versions
THRIFT-1575 C++ Typo in server/TThreadPoolServer.h
THRIFT-1578 C glib C_GLib generated code does not compile
THRIFT-1582 C glib Bad includes of nested thrift files in c_glib
THRIFT-1583 C glib c_glib leaks memory
THRIFT-1591 Ruby Enable TCP_NODELAY for ruby gem
THRIFT-1593 Erlang Pass on errors like "connection closed" to the handler module
THRIFT-1596 Delphi Test clients should have a return codes that reflect whether they succeeded or not
THRIFT-1597 PHP TJSONProtocol.php is missing from
THRIFT-1602 PHP PHP C Extension is not Compatible with PHP 5.4
THRIFT-1604 Python Python exception handeling for changes from PEP 3110
THRIFT-1606 C++ Race condition in BoostThreadFactory.cpp
THRIFT-1607 Build Process Incorrect file modes for several source files
THRIFT-1610 C# IWebProxy not available on WP7 platform
THRIFT-1611 Delphi Improved code generation for typedefs
THRIFT-1612 C# Base64 encoding is broken
THRIFT-1613 Java Add code back into empty source file
THRIFT-1615 PHP PHP Namespace
THRIFT-1621 Delphi Memory leaks
THRIFT-1622 C++ Incorrect size returned on read
THRIFT-1624 Java Isset Generated differently on different platforms
THRIFT-1627 Build Process compiler built using compilers.vcxproj cannot be used to build some test .thrift files
THRIFT-1631 C++ Fix C++ server constructor typos
THRIFT-1632 Ruby data corruption in thrift_native implementation of MemoryBufferTransport
THRIFT-1644 Ruby Upgrade RSpec to 2.10.x and refactor specs as needed
THRIFT-1645 Ruby Replace Object#tee with more conventional Object#tap in specs
THRIFT-1650 Ruby Update clean items and svn:ignore entries for OS X artifacts
THRIFT-1652 Java TSaslTransport does not log the error when kerberos auth fails
THRIFT-1653 Java TThreadedSelectorServer leaks CLOSE_WAIT sockets
THRIFT-1654 C glib c_glib thrift_socket_read() returns corrupted data
THRIFT-1655 Build Process Configure still trying to use thrift_generators in output
THRIFT-1656 C++ Set proper headers in THttpServer.cpp so "Cross-Origin Resource Sharing" to fix js client
THRIFT-1658 Java Java thrift server is not throwing TApplicationException
THRIFT-1661 Build Process Add --with-qt4 configure option
THRIFT-1662 Cocoa "removeObject:" should be "removeObserver:" in [-TSocketServer dealloc]?
THRIFT-1663 Java Java Thrift server is not throwing exceptions
THRIFT-1664 Build Process Reference to non-existing variable in build script
THRIFT-1665 Java TBinaryProtocol: exceeded message length raises generic TException
THRIFT-1668 Build Process Compile error in contrib/fb303, thrift/TDispatchProcessor.h: No such file or directory
THRIFT-1669 Python NameError: global name 'TApplicationException' is not defined
THRIFT-1670 Delphi Incompatibilities between different versions of a Thrift interface
THRIFT-1671 Cocoa Cocoa code generator does not put keywords into generated method calls
THRIFT-1672 C# MonoTouch (and Mono for Android) compatibility
THRIFT-1673 Ruby Ruby compile flags for extension for multi arch builds (os x)
THRIFT-1674 D Update Thrift D library to be compatible with 2.060
THRIFT-1675 Java Do we have any plan to support scala?
THRIFT-1676 C++ Allow specifying IP/hostname in TServer::serve
THRIFT-1685 Website Please add "" to "Powered by Apache Thrift" list in about page
THRIFT-1686 PHP php generator uses "and" instead of "&&", and causes compiler errors with Visual Studio
THRIFT-1688 Website Update IDL page markup
THRIFT-1689 C++ don't exit(-1) in TNonblockingServer
THRIFT-1691 Delphi Serializer/deserializer support for Delphi
THRIFT-1693 Java libthrift has dependency on two different versions of httpcore
THRIFT-1694 C# Re-Enable serialization for WP7 Silverlight
THRIFT-1702 Documentation a thrift manual
THRIFT-1707 Ruby Adjust server_spec.rb for RSpec 2.11.x and Ruby 1.9.3
THRIFT-1709 C# Warning "Bitwise-or operator used on a sign-extended operand;" cast error
THRIFT-1710 Delphi Minor issues in test case code
THRIFT-1714 Ruby Explicitly add CWD to Ruby test_suites.rb
THRIFT-1718 C++ Incorrect check in TFileTransportTest
THRIFT-1721 Build Dist broken due to 0.8.0 to 0.9.0 changes
THRIFT-1722 Csharp C# WP7 Assembly addition beaks mono build
THRIFT-1725 Website Tutorial web pages for Delphi and C#
Version 0.8.0
THRIFT-1330 PHP PHP Namespaces no longer generated
THRIFT-1392 PHP Enabling both namespaces and autoloading in generated PHP code won't work.
THRIFT-386 Python Make it possible to build the Python library without the extension
THRIFT-1431 Node.js Rename 'sys' module to 'util'
THRIFT-1435 Delphi make TException.Message property conformant to the usual expectations
THRIFT-1432 JavaScript Javascript struct constants declared in the same file as their struct cause an error
THRIFT-1391 Delphi Improved Delphi XE test cases
THRIFT-1387 C++ Build MSVC libraries with Boost Threads instead of Pthreads
THRIFT-1426 Build Process Dist package missing files for release 0.8
THRIFT-1428 Tutorial shared.thrft does not include namespace for php, compiler generate incorrect name
THRIFT-1411 Java java generator does not provide type parameter for TBaseProcessor
THRIFT-1425 Node.js The Node package is incompatible with latest node (0.6) & npm (1.0.27)
THRIFT-1401 Delphi JSON-protocol for Delphi XE Libraries
THRIFT-1424 Ruby Ruby specs fail when run with rake
THRIFT-1382 Ruby Bundle install doesnot work because thrift crashes
THRIFT-1251 Java Generated java code should indicate which fields are required and which are optional
THRIFT-1361 C++ Optional replacement of pthread by boost::thread
THRIFT-1415 Delphi delphi: add version Info to the library
THRIFT-1031 C++ Patch to compile Thrift for vc++ 9.0 and 10.0
THRIFT-1420 Java Nonblocking and HsHa server should close all socket connections when the selector exits
THRIFT-1419 Java AbstractNonBlockingServer does not catch errors when invoking the processor
THRIFT-1416 Python Python Unit test is broken on ci
THRIFT-1409 Delphi Name conflict check does not work properly for exception object(Delphi).
THRIFT-1413 Delphi Generated code does not read MapEnd / ListEnd / SetEnd
THRIFT-1408 Delphi Delphi Test Server: Exception test case fails due to naming conflict with e.message
THRIFT-1407 Python Typo in Python socket server causes Thrift to fail when we enable a global socket timout
THRIFT-1405 Delphi Delphi compiler does not generates container serializer properly.
THRIFT-1399 Delphi One of the TServerImpl.Create CTORs lacks implementation
THRIFT-1406 Delphi Build error after applying THRIFT-1395
THRIFT-1404 Delphi Delphi compiler generates struct reader code with problem.
THRIFT-1395 Delphi Patch to prevent warnings for integer types in some cases
THRIFT-1400 Ruby Ruby native extension aborts with __stack_chk_fail in OSX
THRIFT-1397 Test Suite CI server fails during build due to unused parameters in delphi generator
THRIFT-1396 Delphi Dephi generator has dependacy on boost 1.42 later.
THRIFT-1390 Build Process Debian packages build fix for Squeeze (build from the official 0.7.0 tarball)
THRIFT-1393 PHP TTransportException's thrown from THttpClient has extra slashes in the Exception message
THRIFT-1366 Delphi Delphi generator, lirbrary and unit test.
THRIFT-1130 Compiler (General) Add the ability to specify symbolic default value for optional boolean
THRIFT-1381 C++ Thrift C++ libs have incorrectly versioned names
THRIFT-1384 Javame Java help menu missing newline near javame flag
THRIFT-1373 C++ Fix user-defined exception generation in thrift (python)
THRIFT-1379 C++ fix uninitialized enum values in thrift C++ objects
THRIFT-1377 C++ abort PHP deserialization on unknown field type
THRIFT-1376 C++ Make port specification option in thrift remote
THRIFT-1375 C++ fixed a hex char conversion bug in TJSONProtocol
THRIFT-1370 C glib Debian packaging should Build-Depend on libglib2.0-dev
THRIFT-1121 Java Java server performance regression in 0.6
THRIFT-1365 Java TupleProtocol#writeBitSet unintentionally writes a variable length byte array
THRIFT-1359 C++ --gen-cob cpp:cob_style does not compile anymore
THRIFT-1355 Ruby Running make in lib/rb doesn't build the native extensions
THRIFT-1354 Ruby Add rake task to build just the gem file
THRIFT-857 Test Suite tests run by "make install" fail if generators are disabled
THRIFT-1339 Java Extend Tuple Protocol to TUnions
THRIFT-1331 Ruby Ruby library deserializes an empty map to nil
THRIFT-1350 Go Go library code does not build as of r60 (most recent release)
THRIFT-1227 Erlang Erlang implementation of thrift JSON protocol
THRIFT-1335 C++ Add accept timeout to TServerSocket
THRIFT-1345 Build Process Allow building without tests
THRIFT-1342 Python Compilation problem on Windows of fastbinary.c
THRIFT-1341 C++ TProtocol.h endian detection wrong with boost
THRIFT-1243 C++ TAsyncChannel callbacks
THRIFT-1238 JavaScript Thrift JS client cannot read map of structures
THRIFT-1333 C++ Make RWGuard not copyable
THRIFT-1334 C++ Add more info to IllegalStateException
THRIFT-1332 Java TSSLTransportParameters class uses hard coded value keyManagerType: SunX509
THRIFT-1328 Java TBaseHelper.toString(...) appends ByteBuffer data outside of valid buffer range
THRIFT-1322 OCaml OCaml lib fail to compile: line 305, int vs int32 mismatch
THRIFT-1279 PHP type set is handled incorrectly when writing object
THRIFT-1320 C++ Consistency of configure generated config.h
THRIFT-1319 Java Mismatch between how a union reads and writes a container
THRIFT-1316 C++ thrift: update server classes to accept
THRIFT-1314 C++ thrift: add TProcessorFactory
THRIFT-1315 C++ thrift: generate server interface factory classes
THRIFT-1317 C++ Remove copy constructibility from
THRIFT-1305 C++ thrift: make TConnection a private inner class of
THRIFT-1286 Ruby Modernize the Thrift Ruby Library Dev Environment
THRIFT-1304 C++ TNonblockingServer: pass in the connection context to
THRIFT-1302 C++ thrift: raise an exception if send() times out in
THRIFT-1301 C++ thrift: consolidate common code in TNonblockingServer
THRIFT-1298 Java Standard scheme doesn't read or write metadata along with field values
THRIFT-1257 Java thrift's dependency scope on javax.servlet:servlet-api should be 'provided'
THRIFT-1240 PHP TBinarySerializer invalid serialization due to TBufferTransport not flushing
THRIFT-1295 C++ Duplicate include in TSocket.cpp
THRIFT-1294 C++ thrift: fix log message typos in TSimpleServer
THRIFT-1293 C++ thrift: improve handling of exceptions thrown by
THRIFT-1292 C++ thrift: silence log spew from TThreadedServer
THRIFT-1290 C++ thrift: TNonblockingServer: clean up state in the
THRIFT-1289 C++ thrift: implement TNonblockingServer::stop()
THRIFT-1288 C++ Allow typedefed exceptions in throws clauses
THRIFT-1287 C++ thrift: start refactoring some of the C++ processor
THRIFT-1280 C++ Thrift: Improve Monitor exception-free interfaces
THRIFT-1281 Compiler (General) add @generated to the docblock
THRIFT-1282 Java Upgrade httpclient to 4.1.2 (from 4.0.1)
THRIFT-1284 C++ thrift: fix processor inheritance
THRIFT-1283 C++ thrift: wrap t_cpp_generator::generate_process_function() to 80
THRIFT-1278 Java javadoc warnings - compilation
THRIFT-1254 JavaME Code compiled against a regular JRE: Object.clone() override has a different return type
THRIFT-1271 C++ thrift: fix missing namespace in generated local
THRIFT-1274 C++ thrift: fail compilation if an unexpected token is
THRIFT-1275 C++ thrift: always prefix namespaces with " ::"
THRIFT-1265 C++ C++ container deserialize
THRIFT-1167 Java Java nonblocking server with more than one thread for select and handling IO
THRIFT-380 Python Use setuptools for python build
THRIFT-1270 C++ thrift: add --allow-neg-keys argument to allow
THRIFT-1263 Ruby publish ruby client to rubygems
THRIFT-1205 Java port server unduly fragile with arbitrary input
THRIFT-769 Java Pluggable Serializers
THRIFT-1239 Java TupleProtocol- An extremely compact, temporary protocol
Version 0.7.0
THRIFT-1252 Ruby Segfault in Ruby deserializer
THRIFT-940 Build 'make check' fails if boost is not in the std include and link paths (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-1038 Java Generated Java code for structures containing binary fields are not serializable correctly
THRIFT-1098 PHP Undefined properties in TBinaryProtocolFactory
THRIFT-1076 Erlang Erlang Thrift socket server causes java framed client to throw ""out of sequence"" exception"
THRIFT-1171 Perl Perl write/readDouble assumes little-endian platform
THRIFT-151 C TSSLServerSocket and TSSLSocket implementation
THRIFT-1068 Python Python SSL Socket Support
THRIFT-1011 AS3 Error generating package imports when using classes from other packages
THRIFT-1069 Compiler (General) Add command line option to prevent thrift from inserting gen-* directories
THRIFT-1055 C# csharp TServerSocket and TSocket do not disable Nagle via Socket.NoDelay = true like cpp and java do
THRIFT-638 PHP BufferedTransport + C extensions block until recv timeout is reached on last fread call
THRIFT-867 PHP PHP accelerator module's output transport is incompatible with TFramedTransport
THRIFT-1054 explicit call to PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG is missing and first use of PKG_CHECK_MODULES may not happen
THRIFT-125 OCaml OCaml libraries don't compile with 32-bit ocaml
THRIFT-1200 JavaScript JS compiler generates code that clobbers existing namespaces
THRIFT-1102 Build "typo in ""=="" operator in 'test' (instead of""'="")"
THRIFT-994 Build Don't try to invoke phpize if we don't have it
THRIFT-864 Compiler (General) default value fails if identifier is a struct
THRIFT-1021 OCaml Framed transport support for OCaml
THRIFT-1032 make dist fails due to c_glib problem
THRIFT-1057 C++ casts in TBinaryProtocol.tcc causing dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules
THRIFT-1053 Java Make remote client's IP address available for all socket related transports
THRIFT-1036 C++ "Auto-generated C++ code fails to compile with ""-Werror -Wextra -Wall"" g++ compiler flags"
THRIFT-1063 Tutorial Fix Erlang Tutorial Files
THRIFT-625 Go Add support for 'Go'
THRIFT-1093 Python several bugs in python TCompactProtocol
THRIFT-1101 Java bytebuffer length calculation in TBinaryProtocol writeBinary
THRIFT-1094 Python bug in TCompactProto python readMessageEnd method and updated test cases
THRIFT-1100 Python python TSSLSocket improvements, including certificate validation
THRIFT-1104 Build INSTALLDIRS should be included in configure script
THRIFT-1103 Python TZlibTransport for python, a zlib compressed transport
THRIFT-1105 OCaml OCaml generator does not prefix methods of included structs with their type
THRIFT-1107 Python improvement for compiler-generated python for 'None' object comparisons
THRIFT-1109 Java Deploy fb303 along side libthrift to maven repo
THRIFT-1111 Compiler (General) The HTML generator does not distinguish between string and binary types
THRIFT-1074 Java .keystore and .truststore are missing from the 0.6.0 distribution
THRIFT-1119 C# TJSONProtocol fails to UTF8 decode strings
THRIFT-1120 C# - Compiler proto.WriteListEnd being called in the wrong place
THRIFT-1126 Erlang Extending struct_info for erlang bindings
THRIFT-1132 C# Deserialization error in TApplicationException C#
THRIFT-1131 C# C# JSON Protocol is unable to decode escaped characters in string
THRIFT-1133 Tutorial Java and JavaScript tutorial is broken since we have Java maven deployment
THRIFT-1140 GlibC Framed Transport Client using C (Glib) Library hangs when connecting to Ruby Server
THRIFT-342 PHP PHP: can't have sets of complex types
THRIFT-1149 Ruby Nonblocking server fails when client connection is reset
THRIFT-363 Java Maven Deploy
THRIFT-1155 Java Remove log4j dependency from java client
THRIFT-1170 Java Thrift Generated Code and Java 5
THRIFT-835 AS3 Bad AS3 syntax in constructors that set default values
THRIFT-1174 Build Publish as3 client implementation via Maven for use by flex-mojos users
THRIFT-1178 Java Java: TBase signature should be T extends TBase<?,?>
THRIFT-1067 PHP Tons of bugs in php implementation
THRIFT-1182 Ruby Native deserializer segfaults on incorrect list element type
THRIFT-1190 Java readBufferBytesAllocated in should be AtomicLong to fix FD leakage
THRIFT-1183 Ruby Pure-ruby CompactProtocol raises ArgumentError when deserializing under Ruby 1.9
THRIFT-1192 Typo: TProtocol.h tests for HAVE_SYS_PARAM_H_
THRIFT-1194 Java Java lib does not install artifacts to local dir correctly
THRIFT-1208 Python python writeBool and readBool not follow the compact-proto-spec-2.txt spec
THRIFT-1211 Java When using THttpClient, non 200 responses leave the connection open
THRIFT-627 C++ should c++ have setters for optional fields?
THRIFT-1218 GLibC c_glib uses wrong name in pkg-config
THRIFT-1189 Ruby Ruby deserializer speed improvements
THRIFT-1225 PHP TCompactProtocol for PHP
THRIFT-1227 Erlang Erlang implementation of thrift JSON protocol
THRIFT-1228 PHP The php accelerator module calls flush incorrectly
THRIFT-1234 Python thrift --help is missing doc on py:utf8strings
THRIFT-1237 Java Java fb303 missing some methods
THRIFT-1248 C++ pointer subtraction in TMemoryBuffer relies on undefined behavior
THRIFT-1253 Java Code generated for maps is not compiling
THRIFT-1255 Java Mismatch of method name between JavaME's lib and generated code (compareTo/compareObjects)
THRIFT-1238 JavaScript Thrift JS client cannot read map of structures
THRIFT-1213 Membuffer should provide a way to get back the buffer
THRIFT-1117 JavaScript JavaScript Unit Test does fail due to libthrift*.jar where moved by Maven Deployment
THRIFT-1164 JavaScript Segmentation fault on NULL pointer in t_js_generator::generate_const
THRIFT-788 PHP multiget/multiget_slice does not handle more than 17 keys correctly
THRIFT-1222 C++ Unhandled exception for TEvhttpServer request
THRIFT-1241 PHP php namespace generation
THRIFT-1236 Erlang Erlang Reconnecting Thrift Client
THRIFT-1151 Erlang Produce informative runtime error in case of schema and data mismatch on serialization
THRIFT-1146 Java Android Incompatibility: Android < 2.3 doesn't support for Throwable
THRIFT-826 PHP PHP TSocket Write Timeout
THRIFT-27 Erlang Generated erlang types don't contain default values for records
THRIFT-1153 C++ HttpClient does not specify the connection close parameter
THRIFT-1154 Cocoa HttpClient does not specify the connection close parameter
THRIFT-1081 PHP PHP tests broken and somewhat incomplete
THRIFT-1078 Test Suite ThriftTest.thrift generates invalid PHP library
THRIFT-447 Java Make an abstract base Client class so we can generate less code
THRIFT-1181 AS3 AS3 compiler generates incorrect code for setting default values in constructor
THRIFT-997 Java Using valueOf for base types in getFieldValue
THRIFT-999 PHP Add TForkingServer
THRIFT-1041 Java TDeserializer holds onto a reference of the array it reads after it is done deserializing
THRIFT-1065 JavaScript Unexpected exceptions not proper handled on JS
THRIFT-993 C++ Some improvements in C++ stubs for oneway operations
THRIFT-1083 Python Preforking python process pool server
THRIFT-1092 Python generated validate() method has wrong indentation
THRIFT-1050 Java "Declaring an argument named ""manager"" to a service method produces code that fails compile
THRIFT-1106 C++ C++ code TAsyncProtocolProcessor.h & TAsyncBufferProcessor.h dont have virtual functions
THRIFT-1080 Erlang erlang test's 'make' fails on Mac OSX
THRIFT-731 Java configure doesn't check for ant >= 1.7
THRIFT-1180 AS3 AS3 compiler generates uncompilable code for binary types.
THRIFT-1187 Ruby nonblocking_server shutdown race under Ruby 1.9
THRIFT-1193 Ruby Potential infinite loop in nonblocking_server
THRIFT-891 Compiler (General) Comments are not properly handled in some cases
THRIFT-1216 Java build Java Library behind a proxy
THRIFT-1177 Go Update thrift to reflect changes in Go's networking libraries
THRIFT-1220 C++ TProcessor::process never returns false
THRIFT-1231 C++ Remove bogus include
THRIFT-1217 C++ Use evutil_socketpair instead of pipe (Windows port)
THRIFT-1215 JavaScript Undefined property Thirft in lib/js/thrift.js
THRIFT-418 Ruby Don't do runtime sorting of struct fields
THRIFT-1244 C++ 'using' to disambiguate between functions in different bases does not conform to C++ standard
THRIFT-892 Erlang Refactor erlang build system with rebar
THRIFT-690 Compiler (General) Update TApplicationException codes
THRIFT-1199 Java Union structs should have generated methods to test whether a specific field is currently set
THRIFT-113 Compiler (General) to-string methods should omit optional null fields from output
THRIFT-1049 Python Allow for TServerSocket python library to bind to a specific host
THRIFT-1152 PHP THRIFT-1144 Attributes from private to protected
THRIFT-1207 Ruby "Support DESTDIR on ""make install"" of ruby libs"
THRIFT-1123 C++ Patch to compile Thrift server and client for vc++ 9.0 and 10.0
THRIFT-1031 C++ Patch to compile Thrift for vc++ 9.0 and 10.0
THRIFT-1221 C++ Remove SimpleCallback.h
THRIFT-1233 C++ Remove unused include in generated C++ code
THRIFT-1246 Java Improve logging: Change TNonblockingServer internalRead to trace from warn
THRIFT-1251 Java Generated java code should indicate which fields are required and which are optional
Version 0.6.0
THRIFT-940 Build 'make check' fails if boost is not in the std include and link paths (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-1032 Build "make dist" fails due to c_glib problem (Michael Lum)
THRIFT-1002 C glib CodeStyle: (Anatol Pomozov)
THRIFT-975 C glib lib/c_glib/README is missing => breaks make dist (Michael Lum)
THRIFT-1003 C glib Polishing c_glib code (Anatol Pomozov)
THRIFT-582 C glib C implementation of Thrift (Anatol Pomozov)
THRIFT-992 C# Naming convention in C# constructor is not consistent with other fields causes compile errors (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-977 C++ Hex Conversion Bug in C++ TJSONProtocol (Aravind Narayanan)
THRIFT-922 C++ Templatized [de]serialization code for C++ (David Reiss)
THRIFT-923 C++ Event-driven client and server support for C++ (David Reiss)
THRIFT-925 C++ Provide name<->value map for enums in C++ (David Reiss)
THRIFT-926 C++ Miscellaneous C++ improvements (David Reiss)
THRIFT-928 C++ Make more statistics available in C++ servers (David Reiss)
THRIFT-929 C++ Improvements to the C++ test suite (David Reiss)
THRIFT-868 Compiler (General) Referencing constant values doesn't work with with typedef types (David Reiss)
THRIFT-1006 General Impossible to correctly qualify an enum constant in an external thrift file (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-932 Haskell Haskell tests need to be run through 'make check' (and probably 'cabal check') too (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-933 Haskell Haskell's Thrift.cabal has warnings (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-943 Haskell Silly readme typo fix. (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-944 Haskell Support all version-4s of base (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-950 Haskell Haskell bindings treat 'byte' as unsigned 8-bit int (Data.Word.Word8), java/cpp as signed (byte/int8_t). (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-1009 Java TUnion does not correctly deep copy a ByteBuffer (Takashi Yonebayashi)
THRIFT-1013 Java generated java code may have name clashes with thrift library (Peter Schuller)
THRIFT-1015 Java TUnion does not handle ByteBuffer in toString (Takashi Yonebayashi)
THRIFT-1038 Java Generated Java code for structures containing binary fields (or collections thereof) are not serializable (in the Java sense) even though they implement (Mathias Herberts)
THRIFT-106 Java TSSLServerSocket (Nirmal Ranganathan)
THRIFT-377 Java TFileTransport port in Java (Joydeep Sen Sarma)
THRIFT-745 Java Make it easier to instantiate servers (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-862 Java Async client issues / improvements (Ning Liang)
THRIFT-903 Java custom ThreadFactory in THsHaServer (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-939 Java optional binary fields throw NPE on default byte[] getters (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-947 Java Provide a helper method to determine the TProtocol used to serialize some data. (Mathias Herberts)
THRIFT-951 Java Add a new isServing() method to TServer (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-957 Java THsHaServer: Change access modifier of the invoker field. (Benjamin Coverston)
THRIFT-958 Java Change accessmodifer on trans_ field in the FrameBuffer class to public. (Benjamin Coverston)
THRIFT-959 Java TSocket seems to do its own buffering inefficiently (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-970 Java Under heavy load, THttpClient may fail with "too many open files" (Mathias Herberts)
THRIFT-971 Java java module can't be compiled without ivy and network connection (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-807 JavaScript JavaScript: Initialization of Base Types with 0 instead of null (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-913 JavaScript Test Case for Url encoded strings + simple enhancement to lib/js/test/ (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-961 JavaScript JavaScript TestSuite using ant/ivy and Java's ServerTestBase Handler (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-1005 Java Give unions byte[] signature methods to go along with their ByteBuffer counterparts (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-1008 Java byte[] accessors throw NPE on unset field (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-517 Java TExceptions thrown by server result in cryptic error message on client - Tried to read 4 bytes, but only got 0 bytes (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-946 Java Augment FieldValueMetaData so it differentiates 'string' and 'binary' fields. (Mathias Herberts)
THRIFT-949 Java Modify the TEnum interface so it defines a method similar to findByValue (Mathias Herberts)
THRIFT-960 Java add TestServer, TestNonblockingServer and TestClient again (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-969 Java Java Tutorial broken, move CalculatorHandler to a separate file (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-71 Misc Debian packaging for thrift (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-1020 OCaml OCaml compiler generates invalid OCaml (Richard Low)
THRIFT-347 PHP PHP TSocket Timeout Issues (Tyler Hobbs)
THRIFT-924 PHP Fix generated php structure constants (David Reiss)
THRIFT-927 PHP Add option to modify the PHP include path (David Reiss)
THRIFT-935 PHP PHP Extension aborts the build if php-config is not installed (David Reiss)
THRIFT-941 PHP Make PHP C Extension use the defined Protocol writeMessageBegin function (Chris Goffinet)
THRIFT-955 PHP Thrift compiler for Windows uses lowercase names and directories which is inconsistent with compiling on other platforms (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-979 Ruby ruby bindings used to work on jruby (Jeff Hodges)
THRIFT-581 Test Suite Add a testsuite for txThrift (Twisted) (Esteve Fernandez)
THRIFT-1024 Tutorial Add Python Twisted example to the Tutorial (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-893 Tutorial add JavaScript to the tutorial examples (Roger Meier)
Version 0.5.0
THRIFT-505 Build Make configure give a summary of the enabled components (David Reiss)
THRIFT-506 Build Allow Thrift to be built without the C++ library (David Reiss)
THRIFT-844 Build Build Requirements state autoconf 2.59+ is required, but 2.60+ is needed (Harlan Lieberman-Berg)
THRIFT-850 Build Perl runtime requires Bit::Vector which may not be installed by default, but configure does not fail (Michael Lum)
THRIFT-854 Build Provide configure option and make rules to build/install php extension (Anthony Molinaro)
THRIFT-858 Build Have check for a suitable autoconf version before running (David Reiss)
THRIFT-871 Build Thrift compiler for WIndows (binary distribution) (David Reiss)
THRIFT-323 C# TJSONProtocol (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-634 C# C# Compiler Generates Incorrect Code For Fields which begin with an uppercase letter (Jon S Akhtar)
THRIFT-881 C# add csharp to the tutorial (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-856 C++ Building cpp library fails on OS X with malloc and free not being declared in scope (James Clarke)
THRIFT-865 C++ C++ compiler build depends on libfl even when flex/lex not detected (David Reiss)
THRIFT-900 C++ Unix domain socket (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-920 C++ C++ Test and Tutorial does not compile anymore due to the change within Enum handling (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-567 C++ Can't immediately stop a TSimpleServer thread that is idle (Rush Manbert)
THRIFT-756 C++ Exposing TSocket(int) constructor to public (Rajat Goel)
THRIFT-798 C++ TNonblockingServer leaks resources when destroyed (David Reiss)
THRIFT-812 C++, Python Demo of Thrift over ZeroMQ (David Reiss)
THRIFT-629 Cocoa Unused Field In TSocketServer Appears To Break iPhone Build (Jon S Akhtar)
THRIFT-838 Cocoa Generated Cocoa classes have useless @dynamic declarations (Kevin Ballard)
THRIFT-805 Cocoa Don't generate process_XXXX methods for oneway methods (Brad Taylor)
THRIFT-507 Compiler Remove the compiler's dependency on Boost (David Reiss)
THRIFT-895 Compiler (General) Thrift compiler does not allow two different enumerations to have the same key name for one of the enum values (David Reiss)
THRIFT-852 Compiler (General) Missing newline causes many compiler warnings (Anthony Molinaro)
THRIFT-877 Compiler (General) smalltalk namespace doesn't work (Bruce Lowekamp)
THRIFT-897 Compiler (General) Don't allow unqualified constant access to enum values (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-9 Compiler (General) Add a default namespace declaration for all languages (David Reiss)
THRIFT-599 Erlang Don't use unnecessary processes in the Erlang transports and clients (David Reiss)
THRIFT-646 Erlang Erlang library is missing install target (David Reiss)
THRIFT-698 Erlang Generated module list should contain atoms, not strings (Anthony Molinaro)
THRIFT-866 Erlang term() in spec definitions seems to not work in erlang R12 (Anthony Molinaro)
THRIFT-886 Erlang Dialyzer warning (Anthony Molinaro)
THRIFT-785 Erlang Framed transport server problems (Anthony Molinaro)
THRIFT-884 HTML HTML Generator: add Key attribute to the Data Types Tables (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-652 Haskell Generated field name for strut is not capitalized correctly (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-743 Haskell compile error with GHC 6.12.1 (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-901 Haskell Allow the bindings to compile without -fglasgow-exts and with -Wall -Werror (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-905 Haskell Make haskell thrift bindings use automake to compile and install (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-906 Haskell Improve type mappings (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-914 Haskell Make haskell bindings 'easily' compilable (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-918 Haskell Make haskell tests run again (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-919 Haskell Update Haskell bindings README (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-787 Haskell Enums are not read correctly (Christian Lavoie)
THRIFT-250 Java ExecutorService as a constructor parameter for TServer (Ed Ceaser)
THRIFT-693 Java Thrift compiler generated java code that throws compiler warnings about deprecated methods. (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-843 Java TNonblockingSocket connects without a timeout (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-845 Java async client does not respect timeout (Ning Liang)
THRIFT-870 Java Java constants don't get Javadoc comments (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-873 Java Java tests fail due to Too many open files (Todd Lipcon)
THRIFT-876 Java Add SASL support (Aaron T. Myers)
THRIFT-879 Java Remove @Override from TUnion.clear (Dave Engberg)
THRIFT-882 Java deep copy of binary fields does not copy ByteBuffer characteristics (arrayOffset, position) (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-888 Java async client should also have nonblocking connect (Eric Jensen)
THRIFT-890 Java Java tutorial doesn't work (Todd Lipcon)
THRIFT-894 Java Make default accessors for binary fields return byte[]; provide new accessors to get ByteBuffer version (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-896 Java TNonblockingSocket.isOpen() returns true even after close() (Eric Jensen)
THRIFT-907 Java libfb303 doesn't compile in 0.4.0 (Todd Lipcon)
THRIFT-912 Java Improvements and bug fixes to SASL implementation (Todd Lipcon)
THRIFT-917 Java THsHaServer should not accept an ExecutorService without catching RejectedExecutionException (Ed Ceaser)
THRIFT-931 Java Use log4j for Java tests (Todd Lipcon)
THRIFT-880 JavaME JavaME code generator and runtime library (Dave Engberg)
THRIFT-846 JavaScript JavaScript Test Framwork: extended Testcases (Roger Meier)
THRIFT-885 JavaScript Url encoded strings never get decoded? How do we fix this? (T Jake Luciani)
THRIFT-911 JavaScript (JavaScript compiler) Const structs, maps, sets, and lists generate a trailing comma (T Jake Luciani)
THRIFT-860 OCaml copy method and reset method (Lev Walkin)
THRIFT-682 PHP PHP extension doesn't compile on Mac OS X (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-851 PHP php extension fails to compile on centos 5.x (Todd Lipcon)
THRIFT-840 Perl Perl protocol handler could be more robust against unrecognised types (Conrad Hughes)
THRIFT-758 Perl incorrect deference in exception handling (Yann Kerherve)
THRIFT-257 Python Support validation of required fields (Esteve Fernandez)
THRIFT-335 Python Compact Protocol for Python (David Reiss)
THRIFT-596 Python Make Python's TBufferedTransport use a configurable input buffer (David Reiss)
THRIFT-597 Python Python THttpServer performance improvements (David Reiss)
THRIFT-598 Python Allow Python's threading servers to use daemon threads (David Reiss)
THRIFT-666 Python Allow the handler to override HTTP responses in THttpServer (David Reiss)
THRIFT-673 Python Generated Python code has whitespace issues (Ian Eure)
THRIFT-721 Python THttpClient ignores url parameters (Thomas Kho)
THRIFT-824 Python TApplicationException.__str__() refers to class constants as globals (Peter Schuller)
THRIFT-855 Python Include optimized compiled python objects in install (Anthony Molinaro)
THRIFT-859 Python Allow py:twisted to be generated in different namespace than py (Bruce Lowekamp)
THRIFT-869 Python on Mac (and FreeBSD) doesn't handle ECONNRESET from recv() (Steven Knight)
THRIFT-875 Python Include python setup.cfg in dist (Anthony Molinaro)
THRIFT-610 Ruby binary_protocol.rb segfaults [line 86] (Unassigned)
THRIFT-899 Ruby Ruby read timeouts can sometimes be 2x what they should be (Ryan King)
THRIFT-909 Ruby allow block argument to struct constructor (Michael Stockton)
THRIFT-456 Test Suite Bad IP address string in test/cpp/src/main.cpp (Rush Manbert)
Version 0.4.0
THRIFT-650 Build Make Check fails on Centos/OSX with 0.2.0 tarball (Anthony Molinaro)
THRIFT-770 Build Get 'make dist' to work without first compiling source code (Anthony Molinaro)
THRIFT-160 C# Created THttpTransport for the C# library based on WebHttpRequest (Michael Greene)
THRIFT-834 C# THttpClient resends contents of message after transport errors (Anatoly Fayngelerin)
THRIFT-247 C++ THttpServer Transport (Unassigned)
THRIFT-676 C++ Change C++ code generator so that generated classes can be wrapped with SWIG (Unassigned)
THRIFT-570 Compiler Thrift compiler does not error when duplicate method names are present (Bruce Simpson)
THRIFT-808 Compiler Segfault when constant declaration references a struct field that doesn't exist (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-646 Erlang Erlang library is missing install target (Anthony Molinaro)
THRIFT-544 General multiple enums with the same key generate invalid code (Ben Taitelbaum)
THRIFT-434 General ruby compiler should warn when a reserved word is used (Michael Stockton)
THRIFT-799 General Files missing proper Apache license header (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-832 HTML HTML generator shows unspecified struct fields as 'required' (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-226 Java Collections with binary keys or values break equals() (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-484 Java Ability to use a slice of a buffer instead of a direct byte[] for binary fields (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-714 Java maxWorkerThreads parameter to THsHaServer has no effect (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-751 Java Add clear() method to TBase (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-765 Java Improved string encoding and decoding performance (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-768 Java Async client for Java (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-774 Java TDeserializer should provide a partialDeserialize method for primitive types (Piotr Kozikowski)
THRIFT-783 Java .equals java method is broken on structs containing binary-type fields (Unassigned)
THRIFT-804 Java CompareTo is broken for unions set to map, set, or list (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-814 Java Include a TServlet in the standard Thrift distribution (Mathias Herberts)
THRIFT-818 Java Async client doesn't send method args (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-830 Java Switch binary field implementation from byte[] to ByteBuffer (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-831 Java FramedTransport implementation that reuses its buffers (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-833 Java build.xml in lib/java is missing a classpathref attribute for the javadoc task (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-836 Java Race condition causes CancelledKeyException in TAsyncClientManager (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-842 Java Upgrade to current version of commons-lang (2.5 instead of 2.4) and/or change dependency in ivy.xml to not be exact (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-815 JavaScript Deserialization of lists is critically broken. (T Jake Luciani)
THRIFT-827 OCaml OCaml generator to take default values into account (Lev Walkin)
THRIFT-647 PHP PHP library is missing install target (Anthony Molinaro)
THRIFT-682 PHP PHP extension doesn't compile on Mac OS X (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-718 PHP Thrift PHP library includes closing tags and extraneous whitespace (Nicholas Telford)
THRIFT-778 PHP PHP socket listening server (Nick Jones)
THRIFT-780 PHP PHP extension sometimes causes an abort with two exceptions at the same time (David Reiss)
THRIFT-837 PHP PHP accelerator bug for writes > 8k (Thomas Kho)
THRIFT-782 Perl Perl code for writing containers doesn't count length of write*Begin or write*End (Conrad Hughes)
THRIFT-395 Python Python library + compiler does not support unicode strings (Unassigned)
THRIFT-133 Ruby 'namespace ruby' should error out, or be an alias to 'namespace rb' (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-664 Ruby Ruby extension fails to build with Ruby 1.9.1 (Rajesh Malepati)
THRIFT-699 Ruby Excise unused "native protocol method table" stuff from thrift_native (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-767 Ruby ruby compiler does not keep comments for enum values (Bryan Duxbury)
THRIFT-811 Ruby http_client_transport.rb: allow custom http headers (Tony Kamenick)
THRIFT-459 Ruby Ruby installation always tries to write to /Library/Ruby/site (Matthieu Imbert)
Version 0.1.0 RC1 / Unreleased
Compatibility Breaking Changes:
* It's quite possible that regenerating code and rebuilding will be
required. Make sure your headers match your libs!
* Generated files now have underscored names [THRIFT-421]
* The library has been rearranged to be more Ruby-like [THRIFT-276]
* Generated code will have to be regenerated, and the new code will
have to be deployed atomically with the new library code [THRIFT-136]
New Features and Bug Fixes:
* Support for TCompactProtocol [THRIFT-333]
* Support for TCompactProtocol [THRIFT-110]
* Support for Twisted [THRIFT-148]
* Support for TCompactProtocol [THRIFT-332]