A sample product-based implementation built on top of AEM Solr Search
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AEM Solr Search: Product Sample

This project was created as companion code for a couple of my 2016 talks:

  • Advanced AEM Search - Consuming External Content and Enriching Content with Apache Camel - CIRCUIT 2016.
  • Do you need an external search platform for Adobe Experience Manager? - IMMERSE'16

This project is built on top of AEM Solr Search and provides a demo eCommerce site in which the product integration is handled exclusively by Apache Solr.


  • core: Java code for the product demo.
  • ui.apps: Product demo templates and components.
  • ui.content: Product demo site.
  • camel-aem-to-solr : Standalone Apache Camel application for indexing AEM content into Solr.
  • camel-products-to-solr: Standalone Apache Camel application for ingesting Best Buy movie products into Solr.
  • demo-stack-vagrant: Vagrant image that includes Solr and ActiveMQ..


  • Java 8
  • Adobe AEM 6.1 (Only tested with AEM 6.1 SP1)
  • Maven 3.2.x
  • Vagrant: Required to run demo-stack-vagrant
  • VirtualBox: Required to run demo-stack-vagrant
  • AEM Solr Search 2.0.0
  • Best Buy API Key

How to Deploy the Demo

  1. Install Vagrant. This project uses Vagrant to fully provision Solr 5.4.1 in SolrCloud mode.

  2. Install VirtualBox. The Vagrantfile packaged with this project uses VirtualBox.

  3. Start AEM 6.1 author.

  4. Clone, compile and install AEM Solr Search 2.0.0 to AEM author. You may want to clone this project in another directory (i.e., outside of this project).

     $ git clone https://github.com/headwirecom/aem-solr-search.git
     $ cd aem-solr-search
     $ mvn clean install -Pauto-deploy-all
  5. Provision the demo stack (e.g., Solr and ActiveMQ).

     $ cd <root path to this project>/demo-stack-vagrant
     $ vagrant up
  6. Deploy the AEM Solr Search Product Demo to AEM author.

     $ cd ../
     $ mvn clean install -PautoInstallPackage
  7. Visit the Felix Console and update AEM Solr Search - Solr Configuration Service with these demo settings:

    • Add /movies to Allowed request handlers
    • Set SolrCloud as the Solr Mode
    • Set http://localhost:8983/solr as the Master Server

After the installation, the following links may be useful:

Indexing Content

Product Content

Index the Best Buy movie product data. Refer to camel-products-to-solr/README.md.

AEM Content

  1. Change into the camel-aem-to-solr module and run Camel.

     $ cd camel-aem-to-solr
     $ ./run.sh
  2. In a new terminal, tail the log file so that you can monitor the JMS index listener in AEM.

     $ tail -n0 -f /path-to-aem/crx-quickstart/logs/aemsolrsearch-product-sample.log
  3. Create a page in AEM under /content/aemsolrsearch-product-sample/en. Notice that the event is handled by the JMS listener; sent to the aem-index topic in ActiveMQ; read by Camel; and sent to Solr for indexing.