An Objective-C class that adds a sense of depth to your modal popup views.
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ASDepthModal is mostly inspired by a nice CSS work from (although ASDepthModal does not provide any blur effect).

It gives a sense of depth between the current fullscreen view which is sent backward and a modal popup view which appears in front.

Works on iOS 5 and 6.

Try it

Download the whole project and run it under Xcode. You can choose either iPhone or iPad destination. It supports all orientations change.

Use it

Just copy ASDepthModalViewController.h and ASDepthModalViewController.m in your project and #import "ASDepthModalViewController.h" where you need it.


Once you have your popup view, here is how you would present it

[ASDepthModalViewController presentView:yourPopupView];


The popup view is automatically closed as soon as you tap outside of it.

If you need to close the popup view by code (you usually have a "close" button for this purpose)

[ASDepthModalViewController dismiss];


You can configure the background color as well as the effect applied on the popup when it appears ans disappears.

[ASDepthModalViewController presentView:yourPopupView withBackgroundColor:color popupAnimationStyle:style];

Three styles are available : no effect, grow effect or shrink effect.

ARC Support

This class requires ARC.