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example of using the GATE Cloud on-line API
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GATE Cloud API Python Example

This is a brief example of using the GATE Cloud on-line API using the requests library in Python.

If you just want to see the code, it's

To run the code you'll need Python 3 and the requests library.

Install using conda

If you have conda, you can create a new environment with Python 3 and requests like this:

conda create --name gate-cloud-example python=3 requests

activate it:

conda activate gate-cloud-example

Install using pip

If you already use Python and pip then, as an alternative to using conda, you can install the dependencies using:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Running it

Run the script:

python Hieronymus Bosch was a Dutch painter from Brabant, born in 1450

When successful, the script will print a formatted version of the JSON result it obtains from the GATE Cloud web service; and, the parts of the text that correspond to annotations that ANNIE found.

The above example will output some JSON that only a web programmer can love, followed by:

Date : 1450
Location : Brabant
Person : Hieronymus Bosch


GATE Cloud has a quota for API calls; if you use an API key quota is increased. You can generate new API keys by logging into your GATE Cloud account, and visiting the API Key page.

The requests library will use credentials in your .netrc file. So put them in like this:

login 71rs93h36m0c
password 9u8ki81lstfc2z8qjlae

GATE Cloud documentation

The GATE Cloud API documention is here:

The API description page for ANNIE is here:

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