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A plugin for the GATE language technology framework that provides a PR for annotating/tagging documents using the TagMe API.

NOTE: to use the TagMe service, you need to have a account.

For more information please consult the Wiki:


  • Currently only the endpoint for tagging is supported!
  • TagMe unlike some other taggers may sometimes produce overlapping annotations so some postprocessing may be needed to choose between them.
  • TagMe does currently not create DBpedia URIs/IRIs, but instead returns the WP title. The PR tries to convert that title to a DBPedia URI but this may fail in at least two ways:
    • the encoding or the way how certain characters are represented may not be correct
    • the generated URI may not correspond to the canonical DBPedia URI for that resource, e.g. because auf the DBPedia version not matching the WP version used by TagMe or because a different way of redirecting to the "proper" WP page was used.

In case you publish results that use TagMe, please site the paper: