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Multi-paradigm Information Management Index and Repository

This is the top level directory for the GATE Mímir source tree, containing the following modules which are built by the top-level POM:

  • mimir-core: the core Mímir Java library.
  • mimir-connector: Java library for sending documents to a remote Mímir server.
  • mimir-client: Java library for querying a remote Mímir index.
  • mimir-indexing-plugin: GATE plugin providing a PR that sends documents to Mímir for indexing.
  • plugins: Mímir plugins providing various Semantic Annotation Helper (SAH) implementations.
    • db-h2: generic SAH based on the H2 relational database (
    • measurements: specialised SAH providing advanced support for Measurement annotations
    • sparql: SAH implementation that uses semantic queries against a SPARQL end-point to filter the results of standard Mímir queries.

The components of the Mímir web application are in the webapp directory, and are built using Gradle and Grails 3.3:

  • mimir-web-ui: the GWT search user interface used in mimir-web
  • mimir-web: a Grails ( plugin providing Mímir functionality for Grails-base web applications.
  • mimir-cloud: the Grails application used for the Mímir installs on This is a fully-fledged application, which extends the mimir-web plugin with support for security. In most cases, if you need a simple way of deploying Mímir, you should be able to use this application as is. If you need to integrate with an existing infrastructure (e.g. some already-existing single-sign-on solution), then you may find it easier to create your own app that depends on the mimir-web plugin.

Other components:

  • doc: the Mímir user guide (LaTeX source and built PDF)

How to build

Building Mímir is a two step process, you will require an installation of Maven but not Grails/Gradle as the web components come with their own wrapper:

  1. run mvn install in this directory to build all the Java components
  2. run ./grailsw run-app in webapp/mimir-cloud to build and start up the sample web application.

If you want to build a WAR for deployment to a Tomcat or similar web server then change to the webapp/mimir-cloud directory and run:

  1. ./grailsw run-command cache-mimir-plugins
  2. ./grailsw prod war

The resulting WAR file will be created in build/libs