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A GatsbyJS starter template that leverages the WordPress API, ACF and more
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Gatsby v2 WordPress Starter

This starter is forked from the gatsby-starter-netlify-cms and modified to use WordPress instead of netlify-cms, using the gatsby-source-wordpress plugin as the data connector.


Use It Now

gatsby new NAME
  • Edit gatsby-config.js, change baseUrl
    • Make sure you have at least 1 post and 1 page on your WordPress site
    • Make sure at least 1 post has at least 1 tag
  • Ensure the permalink structure in your WordPress installation is set to Post Name instead of the deafult Plain, or else the gatsby-source-wordpress plugin won't be able to communicate with WordPress
  • Rejoice

Known Limitations

CSS Processing

This plugin uses gatsby-plugin-purgecss and bulma. The bulma build would otherwise be ~170K which adds 170K to each of your built HTML pages. However, with purgecss this is reduced 90%.

WordPress Setup

Check the gatsby-source-wordpress plugin for more information. If you want to copy the demo content, you can grab the WordPress XML export here and import it into your WordPress site as a starting point.


This starter was forked from the netlify starter by the GatsbyCentral crew. Additional contributions were gratefully received from the following folks:

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