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How unique is your username?
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Open Source Helpers

usernameCLI - How unique is your username? | Product Hunt Embed

Check Username availability across 140+ websites instantly

Very often while registering to new websites we try to keep the same username across all the websites. Sometimes the username is available and sometimes it’s not. :(

I created a simple tool using which you can instantly find out if your favorite username is available or not on over 140+ websites.


Use npm to install username.

npm i unique-username -g      //-g to install the project globally


Check the availability of a particular username across all 140+ websites.

username u <your_username>

Check the availability of a particular username on a particular website.

username d <serviceName> <your_username>

Get the list of all supported services

username services


username u --help


Please raise an issue if you feel something is wrong or a potential bug. Please raise PR with any changes or additional features that you may like to add.

You must have the below dependencies before you start working on it.


Once you've met the dependencies, cd to the project folder and execute this command to run the project with node.

node index.js u <your_username>



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