HTML5 Canvas Old School RPG Demo
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Signed-off-by: Gaurav Munjal <>



This is a demo of an old school console style JRPG, perhaps like Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy for the original NES. It is written in 100% HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, with no server side processing or client side plugins. A modern HTML5 capable browser is required to run the game.


Contributions are welcome! Just fork the source, and when you have something you'd like to see added here, submit a pull request.

Any art contributed must be clearly licensed. The following licenses are preferred: Public Domain, CC0, CC-BY. Please place a link to the art's source in the credits at the bottom of the index.html and index-dev.html files. If you created the art yourself, please submit it to and then use the link from there.


Building rpg.min.js is not required, you can use index-dev.html for your development.

In order to build rpg.min.js using the Jakefile, you will need the following:


HTML5 Canvas Old School RPG Demo is licensed under the MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license. Under this license, you may use the engine to make your own commercial game. However, any changes to the engine code must be made public under the same license. The engine and game code have been placed in separate directories for your convenience.

Note that all of the art is available under separate licenses, for details see the credits. Much of the art used is under non-commercial licenses.