Data mining algorthms developed during Data mining concepts and techniques course.
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These Data mining algorithms were developed during a course I undertook in my 7th semester of my B.E. degree.

The assignment part of this repo contains an explanation of what the problem is and how it is meant to be solved. Solutions to some of the problems can be found in the solutions part of this repo. I've developed these solutions using the online jupyter notebook website. I hope this proves useful to people learning these algorithms.

Assignments include:

  1. Basic introduction to python.
  2. Data visualization techniques.
  3. K-means algorithm.
  4. KNN classifier.
  5. Linear regression.
  6. Logistic regression.
  7. Naive bayesian classifier.
  8. Adaline Neural network.
  9. Multilayer perceptron with backpropagation.
  10. AGNES algorithm.