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Discord GRAF

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GRAF: Great Rad-Ass Framework

This is a framework for Discord bots to use that makes it stupidly easy to build a bot with Node.js.
It is written in ES2017 using Babel, and is built on top of discord.js v10.


GRAF contains loads of functionality that any bots built on it can use. Here's a quick list:

  • Command framework (probably the most robust command system of any bot)
    • Plain names and aliases
    • Robust argument parsing (with "quoted strings" support)
    • Regular expression triggers
    • Multiple responses
    • Command editing
  • Module system (allows you to disable modules and individual commands per server)
  • Admin/moderator permissions (moderators are configurable)
  • Channel restrictions (allow the bot to operate only in specific channels in a server)
  • Storages to associate arbitrary data with a server
  • Configurable command prefix (change the trigger for commands)
  • Help system and detailed about command
  • Eval command with a system for registering your own objects to make available in its scope, and some utilities
  • Lots of utility methods to simplify your logic
  • Update checking for your bot
  • Stats sending to Carbon and


The documentation is a work-in-progress. You may view it here.
You may also take a look at other bots' source code to see how they use GRAF.

Known bots using GRAF


A Node.js bot framework for Discord







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