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Simple homography based pose-estimation CinderBlock
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Simple homography based pose-estimation CinderBlock

This pose-estimator is a modern C++11 re-write of my masters thesis code, with a few more portions implemented by me. The pose-estimation is homography-based and relies on the standard AR-Tag being within full view.


0.3 - More Alpha

  • Basic not so robust tag detection complete
  • Partial pose estimation implemented

0.2 - Still Alpha

  • Working adaptive binary thresholding algorithm
  • Working contour detection algorithm (Probably needs optimizing)
  • Included 'psimpl - generic n-dimensional polyline simplification', licensed under the MPL 1.1

0.1 - Alpha

  • Still being implemented, so check back later.


Clone and put this directory in the 'blocks' sub-directory of your cinder installation.


To write...


SimplePose is licensed under the new BSD license.

Homography estimation code partially adapted from code by Paul Houx used with permission. psimpl - generic n-dimensional polyline simplification is licensed under MPL 1.1.

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