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Wineskin is a user-friendly tool used to make ports of Microsoft Windows software to macOS.
Unlike the original Wineskin Project by doh123 that worked on OS X 10.6 to macOS 10.12 (without tweaks), this project supports macOS 10.15 to macOS 13

Want to help support this project?

ko-fi PayPal

How to install


brew install --cask --no-quarantine gcenx/wine/wineskin

Manual installation - (not recommended!)

Download Wineskin Winery
*After downloading remove the flag quarantine before extraction, don't extract using Keka

/usr/bin/xattr -drs Wineskin.Winery.txz

DirectX support

Supports 64Bit DirectX 11 & 12 via Metal.
Since "Game porting toolkit" 1.0 beta 4 Apple now allows redistriution for none commercial uses.
You can view Apples documentionion here

Supports DirectX 11 and below.

  • OpenGL backend is used for DirectX 9 and below
  • Vulkan backend is used for DirectX 10 & 11 Not useable in D3DMetal Engines

Supports DirectX 10 & 11 via Vulkan.
DXVK is not compatible with D3DMetal Engines

Is currently not supported

Hackintosh Support?

AMD based systems are not supported due to being unable to run 32Bit code on macOS.
Intel based systems should work without issue.


My Antivirus says it's a VIRUS!!!

You need to contact your Antivirus/Anti-malware vendor to report these as false positives.
This started once wine moved to using Mingw-gcc to compile PE binaries.

See the following examples:


Keeping the same as the original material, LGPL 2.1 is the license of that project. You can find more details about that in the LICENSE file.