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Winehq macOS Builds

Downloads count

Please Note;

These will function like macOS pkg releases but are packaged within a .tar.xz.
I won't be providing a pkg installer, these packages include wine and wine64

Minimum requirement of macOS High Sierra

If you need the latest versions of wine on legacy versions of macOS use macports-wine

How to install using brew;

First add cask-versions

brew tap homebrew/cask-versions

Available packages;
  • wine-stable
  • wine-devel
  • wine-staging

Next select the desired wine package to be installed, for an example I'll select wine-stable
brew install --cask --no-quarantine wine-stable

This will install Wine Stable into /Applications

How manually to install;

Download the desired package from releases unpack, now move the Wine * bundle to /Applications and use as you would a Winehq release.

Build environment configuration;

  • cctools 973.0.1/ ld64 609
  • MacOSX10.14u.sdk (macOS Mojave DevSDK for i386)
  • MacOSX10.13.sdk (required by macports-port to compile for i386)
  • Mingw-w64 v11.0.1
  • Mingw-gcc v13.1.0
  • Mingw-binutils v2.40
  • Build system includes fixes for Bug 49199

Dependencies are built using;

Configure Options used;

--disable-option-checking \
--disable-tests \
--without-alsa \
--without-capi \
--with-coreaudio \
--with-cups \
--without-dbus \
--without-fontconfig \
--with-freetype \
--with-gettext \
--without-gettextpo \
--without-gphoto \
--with-gnutls \
--without-gssapi \
--with-gstreamer \
--with-inotify \
--without-krb5 \
--with-mingw \
--without-netapi \
--with-opencl \
--with-opengl \
--without-oss \
--with-pcap \
--without-pcsclite \
--with-pthread \
--without-pulse \
--without-sane \
--with-sdl \
--without-udev \
--with-unwind \
--without-usb \
--without-v4l2 \
--without-wayland \

gecko & mono are included;

wine-gecko & wine-mono are included within these custom Wine-* packages, usually wine(64) will download and install .msi packages into each and every wineprefix increasing prefix size instead the "shared" versions are used to reduce prefix size.

Don't open wine issues here!;

Wine bugs/regressions need to be reported via Winehq Bugzilla
Packaging related issues should be reported here.