A PHP library designed to help you validate user input
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Hello, happy developer!

Curator is a small library designed to help you validate user input in your
php application. It is really simple to use. Add the following to the beginning
of your code (even before the first includes):
    $_GET = new Curator($_GET);

(Replace $_GET by $_POST or $_COOKIE or whatever data you want to filter).

Then, use a validation function on parameters:
    $_GET->sanitize("pageid", "valid_uint");

Here, it will verify if $_GET["pageid"] is an unsigned integer. You can
validate the data anywhere you want: at your script's beginning, in a method,
just before reading it...

Then, try to access the parameter:
    $a = $_GET["pageid"];

If the parameter was successfully sanitized, you will get it in $a. If not,
an exception will be thrown. Yes, it's rude. But you just got an invalid 
parameter from a browser. It is either a bug, or someone with bad intentions
messing with your website. So you'd rather stop execution and display an error
right now.

With this design, Curator will help you recognize early unvalidated input, and
will prevent quick and dirty code from going to production.

There are not many validation functions, intentionally. Only you will now what
your data is made of. You can define new functions, and pass their name to
the sanitize method, or even use anonymous functions.

Here, you're checking that pageid is an unsigned integer in the range 1..10 
using an anonymous function.

                    if($uint>0 && $uint<10)
                        return $uint;

Go ahead and read the code. The main file, curator.php, is not very long, and
tests/test.php holds unit tests that are good examples of Curator's use.

Thanks for reading, and happy hacking!