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Windows proxy settings

This is a library designed for code running on Windows, using the IE proxy settings but not the WinHTTP API for network communication.

Gathering the proxy settings is already a tedious process, but using the hardcoded settings to decide if an URL should be retrieved through a proxy is even harder.

This library gives a simple function call to handle all the cases (WPAD, proxy.pac file, ahrdcoded proxy settings, hradcoded proxy bypass list).


#include <proxyparser.h>
ProxySetting proxy;
string url = "";
if(ProxyParser::getProxySettingForUrl(argv[1], proxy))
    cout << "chosen proxy: domain=" << proxy.domain << " port=" << proxy.port << endl;
    cout << "no proxy for this URL" << endl;

You need to add proxyparser.cpp and proxyparser.h to your project (the other files are unit tests), and link to Winhttp.lib and Ws2_32.lib.

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