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an sbt plugin for clojure, inspired from sbt-groovy.

To use Clojure code in your Scala project, follow these few steps:

  1. add this to build.sbt
seq(clojure.settings :_*)

libraryDependencies += "org.clojure" % "clojure" % "1.5.1"
  1. add this to projectt/plugins.sbt
addSbtPlugin("com.unhandledexpression" % "sbt-clojure" % "0.1")
  1. Create a clojure directory to hold the sources


└── main
    ├── clojure
    │   ├── hello.clj
    │   └── sub
    │       └── num.clj
    └── scala
        └── main.scala

An example project is available for reference.