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ATTENTION: GeckoDM has been officially archived.

Gecko Download Manager (geckoDM) for Echo360

Making Echo360 great again

This project started because 4 Monash kids were sick of downloading lectures individually and wanted to code instead of study during SWOTVAC 😆 we all failed 😧


This Chrome Extension allows students to download all their lectures (that they probably won't watch anyway) from Echo360 online services with the click of a single button.

Supported Institutions

To see supported institutions visit



1. Go to the Echo download link provided by your institution.

2. Load the Echo page (via the link), click on the Gecko extension.

  • Click on load Lectures.
  • Select Lectures to download.
  • Click on download.

3. Downloading lectures.

4. On Disk.


  • Figure out how to download stuff
  • Handle download limits i.e. Can only download 6 files at a time. I think Chrome handles this.
  • GUI
  • Specify download path (filesystem can only be used on Chrome apps, can have option to insert path via GUI?)
  • Name files downloaded
  • Support incognito?
  • Differentiate between recordings on the same day?
  • Migrate to MDL (Material Design Lite)
  • Fix download blocking (multiple downloads, slow internet)

Known Issues

  • Downloading many files in a short time span sometimes leads to Echo360 or Amazon S3 blocking downloads (sometimes it greys out lectures).