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Commits on Mar 17, 2015
  1. @huoxito
  2. @huoxito @JDutil

    Need to permit an array for option_value_ids

    huoxito authored JDutil committed
    Fixes #6193
  3. @mvidaurre @JDutil

    Add missing indexes to several tables

    mvidaurre authored JDutil committed
    Fixing alerts from houndci styling guidelines
    Fixing the Align the parameters of a method call if they span more than one line
    Fixes #6192
  4. @parndt @JDutil

    Use built in leaf? method for detecting no children.

    parndt authored JDutil committed
    Fixes #6188
  5. @smartacus @JDutil

    Use InventoryUnitBuilder in order importer

    smartacus authored JDutil committed
    Match shipments up to InventoryUnits
    Fixes #6159
  6. @tvdeyen @JDutil

    Change all order state search filters to selects.

    tvdeyen authored JDutil committed
    Closes #6143
    Fixes #6162
  7. @smartacus @JDutil

    Order importer should create line items before shipments

    smartacus authored JDutil committed
    Updated the order importer spec to test creating a shipment with a line item present
    Fixes #6088
  8. @tvdeyen @JDutil

    Better table filter tags.

    tvdeyen authored JDutil committed
    Before the table filter tags shown below a filtered table did not show what attribute is filtered. This is somehow confusing, if there are a lot of filters active (especially in the orders listing).
    This also takes into account, that a attribute filtered by a select uses the text and not the value for the tag display.
    Fixes #6169
Commits on Mar 16, 2015
  1. @frahugo @JDutil

    Add missing api key in product picker.

    frahugo authored JDutil committed
    Fixes #6185
  2. @parndt @JDutil

    Only allow Spree::Order filtering for ordered Variants.

    parndt authored JDutil committed
    Fixes #6181
    Fixes #6183
  3. @BenMorganIO @JDutil

    call to main_app for root path

    BenMorganIO authored JDutil committed
    fixes #6180
  4. @frankmt @JDutil

    Fixing issue where only incomplete orders where displayed when not ch…

    frankmt authored JDutil committed
    …ecking _show_only_complete_orders
    added spec to test returning complete and incomplete orders;
    Fixes #6173
    Fixes #6177
Commits on Mar 13, 2015
  1. @beneggett @JDutil

    Fixes missing </div> on order edit page @ frontend/app/views/spree/or…

    beneggett authored JDutil committed
    Fixes #6178
  2. @farneman @JDutil

    Remove currency from being merged into options in OrdersController [F…

    farneman authored JDutil committed
    …ixes #6165]
    Fixes #6175
Commits on Mar 12, 2015
  1. @tvdeyen @JDutil

    Fix the backend logo sizing.

    tvdeyen authored JDutil committed
    The former value of `100%` will show logos (especially) SVGs too large (this only happens in Safari for me).
    Since the top bar is always `20px` high, it makes sense to also set this height to the logo. This way retina images and svgs always get the right height. In order to keep the ratio we need to set the `width` value as well.
    Fixes #6163
  2. @JDutil
  3. @JDutil
  4. @JDutil
  5. @tvdeyen @JDutil

    Moves the inline table-filter style into css file.

    tvdeyen authored JDutil committed
    The list table filter was hidden via an inline css style. Changing this to be part of the already existing `#table-filter` css rule, we are able to feature specs without the javascript driver.
    This speeds up the test suite and hopefully prevents "every now and then" failing specs from failing.
    Fixes #5877
    Fixes #6161
Commits on Mar 11, 2015
  1. @dougjohnston @JDutil

    Fix variant sorting

    dougjohnston authored JDutil committed
    The fix for Spree::Image sorting in #5947 inadvertantly broke sorting for
    models that don't explicitly include acts_as_list (thus gaining access to the
    set_list_position method). Taxon sorting was fixed in #6037, but variant
    sorting was still broken. This commit adds acts_as_list to Spree::Variant as
    Fixes #6155
  2. @JDutil
  3. @JDutil

    Handle splitting packages with varying weights better.

    authored JDutil committed
    Fixes #6133
  4. @smartacus @JDutil

    Fix track_inventory on big variant rabl template.

    smartacus authored JDutil committed
    Fixes #6149
Commits on Mar 10, 2015
  1. @JDutil
  2. @JDutil

    Update guides.

    JDutil authored
  3. @reinaris @JDutil

    Removed spree_dom_id function from reimbursement edit page

    reinaris authored JDutil committed
    Fixes #6147
    Fixes #6148
  4. @ronzalo @JDutil

    Add Price#maximum_amount docs.

    ronzalo authored JDutil committed
    Fixes #6145
  5. @reinaris @JDutil

    Moved create_reimbursement action under the table.

    reinaris authored JDutil committed
    Fixes #6142
  6. @reinaris @JDutil

    Improved layout for alert message on reimbursements/edit

    reinaris authored JDutil committed
    Fixes #6141
Commits on Mar 9, 2015
  1. @JDutil
  2. @JDutil

    Remove defunkt config.

    JDutil authored
  3. @romul @JDutil

    Replace outdated Spree::Config[:mails_from] with Spree::Store.current…

    romul authored JDutil committed
    Fixes #6096
    Fixes #6097
  4. @reinaris @JDutil

    Fixed missing tags in return_item_decision template.

    reinaris authored JDutil committed
    Fixes #6139
  5. @bryanmtl @JDutil

    Correct reflect the payment total and state after a refund.

    bryanmtl authored JDutil committed
    fixes #6132
  6. @JDutil
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