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Geekdom Bookclub

The Geekdom book club is a weekly meeting to discuss articles and publications relevant to the craft and practice of programming.

Time and Location

Wednesdays, 6:00-7:00pm at Geekdom on the 11th floor in the Berners-Lee conference room.


The meetings alternate between book discussion and article/video discussion. This way participants can choose which nights to attend, and drop in and out as needed.

The first book discussion starts January 17, 2013, with the second installment January 31, and continuing on. The first article discussion was January 10, followed by January 24, and continuing on.

When in doubt, just check the calendar.


The repository directory structure also serves as a calendar for upcoming events and reading assignments.

└── 01
    ├── 10
    │   ├── README.markdown
    │   ├── architectural-mismatch-or-why-its-hard-to-build.pdf
    │   ├── can-patterns-be-harmful.pdf
    │   └── parnas-jewels.pdf
    └── 17
        └── README.markdown

From this we can see that the first meeting is on January 10th, 2013 with the next meeting following on January 17th.

Navigating to this folder on github will render README.markdown which contains a brief assignment summary with links to the listed papers.

Questions / Suggestions

We're currently using issues to track article submissions and any group administration.

Valuable Links