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- Media Gallery Plugin for Geeklog 
- version: 1.7.3
- author:  Yoshinori Tahara - dengen <taharaxp AT gmail DOT com>
- date:    2022-11-07
- license: GPLv2

* See the docs/INSTALL file for installing instructions and upgrading

* In addition to this document, see the older document docs/older/
  (Sorry, it is written in Japanese only.)

The Geeklog Media Gallery Plugin (formerly called Media Gallery WKZ) is 
an integration of Media Gallery v1.6.1 Japanese version (released by maruyo) 
and Media Gallery v1.6.8 (glFusion CMS version).

Note in case of upgrade
Media Gallery can upgrade from Media Gallery v1.6.1 Japanese version.
But, in Media Gallery, the layout of files was mainly changed compared with
Media Gallery v1.6.1 Japanese version. It is because I had to change things 
when I integrated the Media Gallery from glFusion. Therefore, if you upgrade, 
be careful.

Before upgrade, Please make sure to back up previous versions of files and

Media files are stored during operation was registered under the following four
directories. Keep these directories and files under the following directories


All other files, please replace the files in the archive of Media Gallery.
Then please update Mediagallery plugin in the plugin administration page.

Setting Permissions
The following directory permissions must be set 757 (or 777).

public_html/mediagallery/mediaobjects/covers and the following directories
public_html/mediagallery/mediaobjects/disp   and the following directories
public_html/mediagallery/mediaobjects/orig   and the following directories
public_html/mediagallery/mediaobjects/tn     and the following directories

Change Log for Version 1.7.3
* Fixed remote upload of media issue
* Fixes for PHP 7 and 8.1
* Fix for comments not taking into account user permissions on item

Change Log for Version 1.6.10
From Version 1.6.10 I extend the functionality of the glFusion version.

(1) Imported some of the version 1.6.10 of glFusion.

    It seems that some Autotag been added.

(2) JQuery JavaScript library support.

    Use jQuery in place of MooTools, Media Gallery works.
    It changes by $_MG_CONF['js_lib'] which is defined in config.php.

(3) New template (theme) were added.

    Added the following three templates.
    * css_layout :        As its name suggests,avoid table layout,this is the CSS
                          layout. Finished my taste.
    * jquery_ad-gallery : This template is built in AD-Gallery. AD-Gallery is a 
                          well-known software created by jQuery.
    * jquery_colorbox :   This template is built in Colorbox. Colorbox is a 
                          well-known software created by jQuery.
    NOTE: jquery_ad-gallery and jquery_colorbox works on jQuery mode only.

(4) New frame template were added by new method.

    * new_border
    * new_shadow
    These frame templates, abolishing the table layout, and using the normal 
    thtml and CSS files. Probably everyone has more easy to handle.
    In a 'public_html/frames' folder, Please check the 'new_border' folder
    and the 'new_shadow' folder.

(5) Support square (150x150) cropped thumbnails.

    It generates with the normal thumbnails simultaneously.
    To create the square thumbnail of existing images, run 'Rebuild Thumb'.

(6) Added the mode go to the next image, when you click the image.

    Previously, when you click the image was switched image size (full or normal).
    In order to enable it change $_MG_CONF['click_image_and_go_next']
    which is defined in config.php.

(7) Improved PHP block function phpblock_mg_randommedia.

    Added arguments to phpblock_mg_randommedia. By them You can adjust the
    display image. The format is as follows.

    phpblock_mg_randommedia(geometry, maximum_width)

    'geometry' is set to 0 or 1. (default:0)
        0: The image aspect ratio is the same as the original image.
        1: Image aspect ratio is 1, it is a square.
    'maximum_width' is set to ranges of 10-200 in pixels.
        The default value is the setting value of
        'Media Gallery Administration'->'System Options'->'Random Image Block Width'.
        The maximum width is evaluated as the maximum height.
        The image will be 150x150 pixels square.

(8) Added settings to config.php.

    For more information, please see the comments in config.php.

(9) Several bug fixes and optimizations.

Change Log for Version 1.6.11
* Added one setting 'Media Gallery Administration'->'System Defaults Editor'->
  'Album Defaults'->'Access Rights'->'Group'.
* Fixed problem when creating the album does not reflect the setting value of
  'Media Gallery Administration'->'System Defaults Editor'->'Album Defaults'->
  'User Uploads'->'Moderator Group'.
* Fixed problem causing an error when embedding a jQuery slideshow auto-tag,
  because lacked a necessary template for the following.
* Fixed Line feed codes had been mixed. (CR+LF to LF)

Change Log for Version 1.6.12
* Fixed issue not work with Geeklog 1.8.0 or later.
* Fixed issue can not be installed with MySQL 5.3.3 or later.

Change Log for Version 1.6.13
* Fixed issue can not be installed with Geeklog 2.0.0b1 or later.

Change Log for Version 1.6.14
* Supported COM_createHTMLDocument function with Geeklog2.0.0.
* Updated Slimbox, AD Gallery and Colorbox.
* Fixed Slideshow (Slimbox) does not work with Geeklog1.8.0 or later.
* Fixed issue Slideshow does not work with Internet Explorer 10.
* Fixed issue error occurs in the search form.

Change Log for Version 1.6.15
* Updated jQuery Cycle Lite Plugin.
* Updated SWFObject.

Change Log for Version 1.6.16
* Fixed Slideshow Autotag does not work correctly.

Change Log for Version 1.6.17
* Fixed issue not work with Geeklog 2.1.0.

Change Log for Version
* Misc fixes to be compatible with PHP v7.0+
* Replaced SWFUpload with normal upload
* Misc bug fixes on the Admin page
* Refactored some code to work with the latest Geeklog API found in Geeklog 2.2.1sr1
* Latest Geeklog Comment API is supported
* Added New Media Comments to What's New Block
* Fixed Media Comments when displayed on more than one page
* Added Help menu item to Media Gallery Admin page for easy access

Change Log for Version
* Fixed Media tab in Media Gallery plugin to work with themes that use UIKit
* Fixed remote upload of media issue
* Now works with XML Sitemap Plugin (fixed issue with plugin_getiteminfo_mediagallery and keys)
* Added support for XML Sitemap Plugin v2.0.3 that should eventually ship with Geeklog v2.2.2
* Updated support for Nikon cameras
* Other minor misc fixes

Change Log for Version
* Misc PHP 7.4+ support fixes

Change Log for Version
* Now works with Geeklog 2.2.2 and PHP 8.1

* usage.html and upgrade.html under public_html/mediagallery/docs have the
  different parts of the contents of the current version because they were
  described at the time of the exhibition of Media Gallery v1.6.