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## Dependencies
Latest version of [Play Framework 2](
+## Deployment
+If you wanna deploy your application ti would be a great idea to change the underlying database.
+We describe here the chnaged which should be done to use an MySQL Backend.
+First of all add the jdbc connector to the project dependencies in the file `project/Build.scala`,
+it should look like the following snippet
+val appDependencies = Seq(
+ "mysql" % "mysql-connector-java" % "5.1.20"
+Then it's time to change the configuration to use the mysql database. Edit the file `conf/application.conf`
+and change the it to smthg like
+If you have problems whiel connecting to your database check the following things:
+* Is mysqld listening on a matching ip ?
+* Is mysqld listening on the matching port ?
+* Are username, password and databsename correct ?
+* If your use dns or hostnames instead of an ip check if they are correct interpreted. localhost could be act realy strange
+* Are there any firewalls which block the connection ?
+* What says hosts.allow and hosts.deny ? Try to add `mysqld : ALL : ALLOW` to `/etc/hosts.allow`
+And of course change the `application.secret` in `conf/application.conf` before you deploy.
## Participate
* irc://
* [Bugreports](
## License
-Closed Social Network is distributed under "GNU General Public License v3"
+Closed Social Network is distributed under [GNU General Public License v3](

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