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Version 2.8.0

General Features

  • lodash: Upgraded lodash to 4.17.10 to fix vulnerability issue. Commit dc9ac11, closes #2118

Upgraded Features

  • Drawer: Added back Drawer. PR #2243
  • Form: Added disabled prop with TextArea. Commit c3d9d72

Bug Fixes

  • Form:
    • Fixed floatingLabel input label cuts on Android Plus devices. PR #2149, closes #2117
    • Fixed modifying the assertion on the Item component to use displayName prop. PR #2001, closes #2011
  • Gravatar: Added missing import prop-types package. PR #2175
  • Header: Fixed Icon size for Left and Right component of Header. Commit c232bb6, closes #2205
  • ListItem: Fixed Left component alignment for ListItem avatar when the content in Body is in multiple lines. Commit 007fabb, closes #2226