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-# [0.5.9](
+# [0.5.19](
### Bug Fixes
-- **Picker:** Updates `Picker.Item` value dynamically ([b03f0e5](, closes [#169](, [#156](
-- **Keyboard-aware-scroll-view:**
- - resetScrollToCoords: This is an user definable prop. Coordinates that will be used to reset the scroll when the keyboard hides. Also restores scroll position after keyboard hides if <i>resetScrollToCoords</i> is not set. ([bc98be8](
- - disableKBDismissScroll: Disables automatic scroll on focus. ([d92aa1b](
-- **Content:** Eliminates margin on the top of Content which includes any fields inside of it. ([9dce714](, closes [#182](
+- **InputGroup:** Fixed issue when `Button` used inside a `InputGroup` without `Icon` ([c4e514f](
### Enhancement Features
-- **FooterTab:** Added onPress support for elements of FooterTab ([47a5ae7](, closes [#180](, [#188](
-- **InputGroup:** Allows null block inside InputGroup Component. ([94c7913](, closes [#137](, [#202](
-- **Tabs:** Helps to switch between the Tabs component programatically. Say `page = 1`. ([3253fe8](, closes [#181](, [#203](
-- **Tabs:** Ensures that Tabs component's props.children is an array, else creates a single item array if it is not. Thus allows calls to .filter() and .map(). ([c9bc57d](, closes [#207](
-- **ES Lint:** Config ESLint (airbnb) to enforce coding style. ([dee1deb](
+- **Picker:**
+ - Added new props ([8c7b53d](
+ - Supports inside an `InputGroup` when used with `ListItem` ([e803914](
### New Features
-- **Deck Swiper:** Tinder-like swipe cards to select/reject data set with features to swipe left and right.
-- **Generate Image from Icon:** Generates an Image resource for NativeBase Icons. ([eb2e79a](, closes [#183](
-- **filter() for null values:** Usually if a null value is passed as a child to Component, it throws few errors. This .filter() removes all false values from this.props.children, preventing the errors, and returning the correct result. ([9690468](
+- **Gravatar:** Thumbnail like feature which pulls out avatar of user if registered globally ([659548f](

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