Write Native Mobile Apps using Vue. Vue Native is a wrapper around React Native APIs
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Vue Native

Build Native Mobile apps using Vue

Vue Native is a wrapper around the APIs of React Native. So, with Vue Native, you can do everything what you can do with React Native.

A basic cli that generates a simple 1 page application with create-react-native-app, vue-native-core

Installation Prerequisites

You should have create-react-native-app or react-native-cli installed as a global dependency

For React Native ClI => npm install react-native-cli -g
For CRNA => npm install create-react-native-app -g


$ npm install -g vue-native-cli

Generate CRNA + Vue App App

$ vue-native init <projectName>

You can also have default React Native Project using command-line options:

vue-native init <projectName> --no-crna

Demo App


  • Improve Debugging, tracing, error reporting.