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⚠️ This project has been deprecated and is no longer maintained ⚠️

Vue Native CLI

Build Native Mobile apps using Vue

Vue Native is a wrapper around the APIs of React Native. So, with Vue Native, you can do everything what you can do with React Native.

Vue Native CLI is a basic command line interface that generates a simple 1 page application with Expo, or optionally with React Native CLI

Installation Prerequisites

Since Vue Native is a wrapper around React Native, to use the CLI, you must have either expo-cli or react-native-cli installed globally.

To install Expo globally, use the following command:

$ npm install -g expo-cli

If you wish to use React Native CLI instead, use the following command to install it globally:

$ npm install -g react-native-cli

You will also need Android Studio / Xcode for development.


Once the prerequisites have been installed, you are all set to install vue-native-cli.

$ npm install -g vue-native-cli


For Expo users

Generate an app with the following command:

$ vue-native init <projectName>

This will create a project folder with the specified name in the current working directory.

To start the development server, execute the following commands:

$ cd <projectName>
$ npm start

Alternatively, you may use expo start to start the development server. expo start --ios and expo start --android can be used to directly start the application on the respective platform emulators.

For React Native CLI users

Generate an app with the following command:

$ vue-native init <projectName> --no-expo

Once the setup is complete, cd into the project directory and start the developement server as follows:

$ cd <projectName>
$ npm start

You may also use react-native commands directly. For example to run the application on an iPhone X simulator (assuming Xcode is installed), run

$ react-native run-ios --simulator "iPhone X"

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