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Sound Deck LogoSound Deck Logo Sound Deck

Sound Deck is a powerful audio-focused plugin for the Elgato Stream Deck that allows you to capture, record, playback, and sample audio. Sound Deck also includes actions that let you control your audio devices and the audio of applications, e.g. set the default audio device, change the audio volume, or control the media playback of an application.


  • App Media Controls +
  • Set App Audio Device
  • Set App Volume
  • Set Default Audio Device
  • Set Audio Device Volume +
  • Sampler
  • Clear Sampler
  • Clip Audio
  • Stop Audio
  • Play Audio
  • Record Audio

+ Includes support for Stream Deck+.

🚨 Frequently Asked Questions

Please see Frequently Asked Questions for issues or requests; for general queries, please contact me on Twitter Twitter.

📃 Licence

Sound Deck is licenced under GNU General Public License v3 (GPL-3), and is available free-of-charge on the Elgato Stream Deck store.