@GeekyMoore GeekyMoore released this Jul 15, 2014

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Version Brief:

IMS_v1.6.0-alpha is intended as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) proof on concept for it’s User Experience (UX) testers. Installer(s) can be found within that include higher graphic settings than 'web-build contains.


This version of IMS is an alpha build and in-game bugs can be found within. You knowingly run this at your own risk. If you are new to alpha-testing, it is highly suggested you run the 'web-build' only. Additional to note some levels are 'dev-only' and can not be play-tested, yet. The settings menu is not yet active nor are some of the input commands.


  • Dream scene added to serve as intro into simulation w/ ability to skip.
  • Beginning stages of visual bio-feedback M.A.D. Dynamics can be seen now.
  • Doubled level design (map size) of scene ‘Neighborhood’ to bring about grater stress unto player.
  • Beginning level design of ‘Center City Philadelphia’ can be seen.
  • Major overhaul of all in-game assets, textures and environmentals to reduce draw calls and processor requirements.
  • Doubled anti aliasing while reducing weather effect amount.
  • Reactivation of select sound effects based on sensory gating theory.
  • Inclusion of menu system can be seen now. Help and credits can be found within.
  • Inner thought-process beginning to be put into effect at select transforms or based on select actions.
  • PTSD non-controllable dynamic events becoming active.
  • Additional props added to further strengthen bio-feedback unto player of depression.
  • Dynamic shadows added.
  • Simi-explorable 12th floor of ‘Terra’ in effect.
  • Streetlight height adjusted.
  • Lighting from streetlights reduced.
  • Bedroom lighting adjusted
  • 2x bedroom lights added.
  • Global fog added to bedroom scene.
  • Motion blur and depth of field 34 added to terra scene.
  • Box and mesh colliders added to buildings lacking them.
  • Colliders added to parked cars.
  • Entrance steps transform adjusted.
  • Subway elevator moved transform and deactivated till future build.
  • 5 inner thoughts added to various interactive transforms.
  • New roads, textures, meshes, weather particles, colliders, etc added.
  • Ad-hoc elevator used to speed MVP release.
  • Cell phone map tracking bug resolved.
  • Ice-skating bug resolved.
  • Backwards traveling train bug resolved.
  • Forklift spinning bug resolved.

@GeekyMoore GeekyMoore released this Mar 30, 2014 · 2 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


// All future change-logs will use ASCII styling + sudo-code for more intuitive information architecture.
// Induction of 'Version Brief' within each change-log to know the primary focal intent of said update to simulation.
// Change-log in order of: Least recent action to Most recent action OF Added/Changed/Removed - per section

Technical Vocabulary:
[I/O Event] = A scripted event or object that will cause changes in your M.A.D. Dynamics, their in effecting your interface feedback (e.g.) drink coffee or not drink coffee, take train or take bus.
[MAD Dynamic] = A system that represents your Mood, Anxiety, Depression percentage within the game via the player interface (e.g.) MAD % UP –> Vibrate screen + desaturate screen + increase breathing sound + slow speed.
[Agenda Event] = Actions asked of the player to take, sometimes with a time constraint, their in guiding the player into choke points in-game with an I/O Event. Not to be confused with an [I/O Event] that is the 'result' of said action.

Version Brief:
This version of IMS has been developed to bring the inclusion of I/O Events, M.A.D. Dynamics, Agenda Events. These three additions will help solidify the rich learning experience of IMS once they become active in the next version.

Latest Actions:

  • Added building under construction
  • Added textures to building under construction
  • Added ladder near construction zone
  • Added piping to construction zone
  • Added smartIcons for 'Home' and 'Subway'
  • Added additional rubble to city
  • Added breathing sound 1 (of 4)
  • Added normal-mapped texture to exterior of subway-station
  • Added box-collider to subway-station rails
  • Added visible trigger-box to subway-station
  • Added texture-map to lower portion of subway-station
  • Added new box-colliders to lower portion of subway-station
  • Added under construction home
  • Added crane
  • Added kitchen
  • Added new television
  • Added box-colliders to bathroom
  • Added alcohol
  • Added additional texture to boundary-boxes
  • Added box-collider to home entrance steps
  • Added five additional generic buildings near construction area
  • Added one additional road near construction area
  • Added textures to upper area of subway-station
  • Added one spotlight to subway-station steps
  • Changed location of building across from home
  • Changed building across from home texture
  • Changed waypoints #1,2,3 of forklift
  • Changed one door location in home
  • Changed parking-lot Y-axis to -77.5
  • Changed construction point-light intensity to 0.3
  • Removed one door from home
  • Removed various pre-fabs to boost runtime
  • Removed various lightings to boost runtime ++ environmental

@GeekyMoore GeekyMoore released this Mar 25, 2014 · 2 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • Added left arm & hand
  • Added left arm & hand 'time' gesture w/ wrist watch
  • Added wristwatch
  • Added time-script to wristwatch
  • Added rotation to minimap
  • Added vibrate20/60/80/100 test blocks
  • Added vibration to 20% test block
  • Added 3DText description to test blocks
  • Added construction barrier to gated parking lot
  • Added layer 'SmartIcons'
  • Added arrow shape
  • Added arrow shape to SmartIcons
  • Added layer SmartIcons to minimap camera
  • Added lighting 'arrowLighting' to arrow shape
  • Added lighting to subay
  • Added flickering to subway lighting
  • Added subway ticket-booths
  • Added seating to subway
  • Added new bedroom low-poly couch
  • Added bedroom lamp
  • Added bedroom vase
  • Added photos/screenTeaser.jpg to bedroom iMac
  • Added photos/nana.jpg to replace clock hands in bedroom
  • Added construction empty
  • Added various construction pre-fabs
  • Added waypoint system to forklift
  • Added sound to forklift
  • Added second boundry box to sandy lot
  • Added boundry box to bedroom behind couch
  • Added flashing red/blue lights to fire engine
  • Added NPC to forklift
  • Added pre-fabs to private parking lot
  • Changed Point Light(s) layer to StreetLighting
  • Changed minimap from non-partent to child of minimap-placeholder
  • Changed location of minimap to correct location above FPS Controller
  • Changed Minimap to minimap name
  • Changed height of walls and plane of gated parking lot
  • Changed taxi(s) waypoint system to remove collisions
  • Changed wristwatch second hand size from 0.3width to 1.0width
  • Removed StreetLighting from minimap
  • Removed various objects from subway to improve runtime
  • Remove corssHairs
  • Removed old bedroom couch to improve runtime

@GeekyMoore GeekyMoore released this Mar 11, 2014 · 3 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • Added right arm/hand prefab
  • Added right arm/hand prefab to FPS Controller as child
  • Added phone prefab
  • Added phone prefab to FPS Controller as child
  • Added phone minimap e.g. iPhone's Map mode
  • Added clouds layer
  • Added clouds to clouds layer + children
  • Added snow layer
  • Added snow to snow layer + children
  • Added taxi layer
  • Added taxi to taxi layer + children
  • Changed taxi #4 trajectory to correctly follow road
  • Changed FPS Camera height to 1 from 0.5
  • Changed build-out settings to black background + removal of icon
  • Removed headbob

@GeekyMoore GeekyMoore released this Mar 9, 2014 · 4 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • Added city environmental audio
  • Added wind environmental audio
  • Added home 'bedroom' colliders
  • Added head-bob script to FPS Controller
  • Added snow particle effect
  • Added wind particle effect
  • Added cloud particle effect
  • Added additional buildings to back face of home
  • Added box colliders to select subway simple shapes
  • Added box collider to subway elevator to prevent entry
  • Added new windows to home
  • Changed day/night cycle to single skybox and time (aprox 4pm)
  • Changed FPS Camera height
  • Changed 1 dev area only light from 1 to 0.3
  • Changed render settings for new skybox
  • Changed draw distance down
  • Changed walk speed down
  • Removed automatic on/off scrip to street lamps ‘light’
  • Removed taxi audio
  • Removed train audio
  • Removed 1 dev area only light
  • Removed excessive pre-fabs for further compression
  • Removed wall art for compression
  • Removed visibility of street boundary borders
  • Removed roads and buildings not visible to FPS Controller for compression
  • Removed breakable glass windows from home