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A simple command line time tracker
Rust Nix
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augr tracks your time, generates summaries, and syncs between devices using Syncthing.

This project is heavily inspired by timewarrior.

Useful Links


Build the application:

$ git clone
$ cd augr
$ cargo build

Create and edit the config file (located at ~/.config/augr/config.toml on linux):

sync_folder = "/some/sync/folder"
device_id = "laptop"

sync_folder should be a synchronized between devices by a service like Syncthing or dropbox.

device_id should be unique for all devices that use the same sync folder.

Once you have saved the config file, you can run augr:

$ augr
Date  Start Duration Total     Tags
――――― ――――― ―――――――― ――――――――  ――――――――

Using with Termux on Android

Build and upload the android executable:

$ nix-shell android.nix --run "cargo build --target=armv7-linux-androideabi"

# Upload the android executable using adb
$ adb push target/armv7-linux-androideabi/augr /storage/self/primary/

Then in termux on your phone:

$ cp /storage/self/primary/augr ./
$ chmod ./augr
$ ./augr
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