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'[path=\Framework\Tools\Script Management]
'[group=Script Management]
!INC Local Scripts.EAConstants-VBScript
!INC Wrappers.Include
' Script Name: ExportAllShapeScripts
' Author: Geert Bellekens
' Purpose: Export all shapescripts to files on the file system
' Date: 2016-06-18
sub main
'get all attributes with name _image that have shapescript in the default field and a parent with stereotype «stereotype»
dim sqlGetShapescriptAttributes
sqlGetShapescriptAttributes = "select a.ID from (t_attribute a " & _
" inner join t_object o on (o.Object_ID = a.Object_ID " & _
" and o.Stereotype = 'stereotype')) " & _
" where a.Name = '_image' " & _
" and a.[Default] like '<Image type=""EAShapeScript" & getWC & "'"
dim shapeScriptAttributes
set shapeScriptAttributes = getAttributesByQuery(sqlGetShapescriptAttributes)
dim shapeScriptAttribute as EA.Attribute
'get the user selected folder
dim selectedFolder
set selectedFolder = new FileSystemFolder
set selectedFolder = selectedFolder.getUserSelectedFolder("")
'loop the shape script attributes
for each shapeScriptAttribute in shapeScriptAttributes
'get the stereotype
dim stereotype as EA.Element
set stereotype = Repository.GetElementByID(shapeScriptAttribute.ParentID)
dim profile as EA.Package
set profile = findProfilePackage(stereotype)
'load the resultset in the xml document
dim shapeScript
shapeScript = decodeBase64zippedXML(shapeScriptAttribute.Default,"Image")
if len(shapeScript) > 0 then
dim scriptFile
set scriptFile = New TextFile
scriptfile.Contents = shapeScript
'save the script
scriptFile.FullPath = selectedFolder.FullPath & "\" & profile.Name & "\" & stereotype.Name & ".shapeScript"
'debug info
Session.Output "saving script: " & scriptFile.FullPath
end if
end sub
'finds the owning package with stereotype Profile.
'if not found returns the owning package of the attribute
function findProfilePackage(stereotype)
dim profile as EA.Package
set profile = Repository.GetPackageByID(stereotype.PackageID)
if profile.StereotypeEx <> "profile" then
dim parentProfile as EA.Package
set parentProfile = getParentProfilePackage(profile)
if not parentProfile is nothing then
set profile = parentProfile
end if
end if
set findProfilePackage = profile
end Function
'recurse up the tree until the profile package is found
function getParentProfilePackage(profile)
dim parentProfile as EA.Package
set parentProfile = nothing
if profile.ParentID > 0 then
set parentProfile = Repository.GetPackageByID(profile.ParentID)
if parentProfile.StereotypeEx <> "profile" then
set parentProfile = getParentProfilePackage(parentProfile)
end if
end if
set getParentProfilePackage = parentProfile
end function