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!INC Local Scripts.EAConstants-VBScript
'Author: Geert Bellekens
'Date: 2015-12-07
'converts the query results from Repository.SQLQuery from xml format to a two dimensional array of strings
Public Function convertQueryResultToArray(xmlQueryResult)
Dim arrayCreated
Dim i
i = 0
Dim j
j = 0
Dim result()
Dim xDoc
Set xDoc = CreateObject( "MSXML2.DOMDocument" )
'load the resultset in the xml document
If xDoc.LoadXML(xmlQueryResult) Then
'select the rows
Dim rowList
Set rowList = xDoc.SelectNodes("//Row")
Dim rowNode
Dim fieldNode
arrayCreated = False
'loop rows and find fields
For Each rowNode In rowList
j = 0
If (rowNode.HasChildNodes) Then
'redim array (only once)
If Not arrayCreated Then
ReDim result(rowList.Length, rowNode.ChildNodes.Length)
arrayCreated = True
End If
For Each fieldNode In rowNode.ChildNodes
'write f
result(i, j) = fieldNode.Text
j = j + 1
End If
i = i + 1
end if
convertQueryResultToArray = result
End Function
public Function sanitizeXMLString(invalidString)
Dim tmp, i
tmp = invalidString
'first replace ampersand
tmp = Replace(tmp, chr(38), "&")
'then the other special characters
For i = 160 to 255
tmp = Replace(tmp, chr(i), "&#" & i & ";")
'and then the special characters
tmp = Replace(tmp, chr(34), """)
tmp = Replace(tmp, chr(39), "'")
tmp = Replace(tmp, chr(60), "<")
tmp = Replace(tmp, chr(62), ">")
'tmp = Replace(tmp, chr(32), " ")
sanitizeXMLString = tmp
end function
'sub test
' dim test
' test = sanitizeXMLString("invali""d'strèiçng<&>")
' Session.Output "sanitized: " & test
'end sub
'returns the string encoded int he base64 zipped contents of the given xml string
public function decodeBase64zippedXML(xmlString,nodeName)
Dim xDoc
Set xDoc = CreateObject( "MSXML2.DOMDocument" )
decodeBase64zippedXML = ""
'get the stereotype
'load the resultset in the xml document
If xDoc.LoadXML(xmlString) Then
dim contentsNode
set contentsNode = xDoc.SelectSingleNode("//" & nodeName)
if not contentsNode is nothing then
dim contentsDecoded
contentsDecoded = contentsNode.nodeTypedValue
'save as temp zip file
dim tempZipFile
set tempZipFile = new BinaryFile
tempZipFile.FullPath = replace(getTempFilename, ".tmp",".zip")
tempZipFile.Contents = contentsDecoded
dim tempFolderPath
tempfolderPath = unzip(tempZipFile.FullPath)
'get the text file
dim tempFolder
set tempFolder = new FileSystemFolder
tempFolder.FullPath = tempfolderPath
dim contentsFile
For each contentsFile in tempfolder.TextFiles
decodeBase64zippedXML = contentsFile.Contents
'there should be only one file
exit for
'delete the temp folder and temp file name
end if
end if
end function