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Fork of the openwrt project to add gccgo and libgo
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config toolchain: add fortify-headers, enable FORTIFY_SOURCE by default Jun 23, 2015
include hardening: make override variables more intuitive Jun 24, 2015
package Merge branch 'master' into add-gccgo-and-libgo Jun 29, 2015
scripts scripts/feeds: observe -p flag for preferential feeds Jun 24, 2015
target bcm53xx: port last 2 UART patches to 4.1 Jun 29, 2015
toolchain Merge branch 'master' into add-gccgo-and-libgo Jun 29, 2015
tools Correct wrong check sum for #6 Mar 13, 2016
.gitattributes add .gitattributes to prevent the git autocrlf option from messing wi… May 8, 2012
.gitignore build: add integration for managing opkg package feed keys Apr 6, 2015
BSDmakefile add missing copyright header Feb 26, 2007 scripts/config: sync with linux upstream Jan 8, 2015
LICENSE rename GPL to LICENSE Aug 13, 2005
Makefile Makefile: move the cleaning of staging_dir/target* from dirclean to c… Jun 14, 2015
README Add 'subversion' build dependency to README Aug 31, 2014
feeds.conf.default feeds.conf.default: add new targets feed Mar 19, 2015 toolchain: only use fortify-headers for musl Jun 29, 2015


This is the buildsystem for the OpenWrt Linux distribution.

Please use "make menuconfig" to configure your appreciated
configuration for the toolchain and firmware.

You need to have installed gcc, binutils, bzip2, flex, python, perl, make,
find, grep, diff, unzip, gawk, getopt, subversion, libz-dev and libc headers.

Run "./scripts/feeds update -a" to get all the latest package definitions
defined in feeds.conf / feeds.conf.default respectively
and "./scripts/feeds install -a" to install symlinks of all of them into

Use "make menuconfig" to configure your image.

Simply running "make" will build your firmware.
It will download all sources, build the cross-compile toolchain, 
the kernel and all choosen applications.

You can use "scripts/flashing/" for remotely updating your embedded
system via tftp.

The OpenWrt system is documented in docs/. You will need a LaTeX distribution
and the tex4ht package to build the documentation. Type "make -C docs/" to build it.

To build your own firmware you need to have access to a Linux, BSD or MacOSX system
(case-sensitive filesystem required). Cygwin will not be supported because of
the lack of case sensitiveness in the file system.

	Your OpenWrt Project

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