VSTS Build task to do Put, Get or delete files from an Azure Web app through the Virtual File System
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Azure WebApp Virtual File System Tasks

Deleting files

Delete files from Azure Web Apps through KUDU Virtual File System Rest API (Put & Get coming soon)

This task was created because sometimes web apps create certain files containing configuration after initial deployments. This task helps you reset your web app to a certain state wehre resetting the full directory isn't an option (otherwise use Webdeploy's advanced parameter called "Remove Additional Files at Destination")

Using the task is easy: fill in the following parameters:

  • Azure subscription (select your Azure RM connection)
  • App Service Name (select the web app you want to delete files at)
  • File URL (enter the file url within the wwwroot that you want to delete. use path ending on / for directories)

optionally add the following parameters

  • Recursive delete (Default ON if you select a directory also delete all files and directories in this directory)
  • Skip non existing path (If file or directory does not exist any more do not throw error but continue)
  • Allow self signed certificates (only use this when you you run in an ASE and have your own certificates)
  • Alternative kudu URL (When running in ASE and the SCM url is different fill in the exact url here)


Putting files & Getting files

Coming soon! (let me know in comments if you need this let me know your requirements)

Extra links

Source for this VSTS extension on Github

My blog