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A fantasy RPG bot for Discord.
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This is the code for the IdleRPG Discord Bot.

You may submit an issue or open pull requests at any time.


The IdleRPG Project is licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 ("AGPL").

The AGPL allows you to:

  • Modify the code
  • Distribute it

It however does not allow you to:

  • Sublicense
  • Hold liable

You must:

  • Include the copyright
  • Include the License
  • Disclose the source
  • State changes

Summary and information taken from here.

Current goals

Please see #32

Can I selfhost?

Yes, as long as you provide the code for everyone. See section 13 of this link.

How do I test my changes?

Note: This requires you to have Podman and Git working.

git clone
cd IdleRPG
Add /opt/* config files
systemctl start podman-idlerpg

A systemd unit file has been bundled as idlerpg.service.


IdleRPG uses black, flake8 and isort for code style. Please always run ./scripts/ before submitting a pull request and fix any problems.

Make sure you sign the CLA here, else we cannot merge your changes.

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