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PHP Package to send email with different mailers without changes in the PHP code and to format email messages using templater (Smarty, Twig).


Using composer: gelembjuk/mail require: {"gelembjuk/mail": "*"}


$formatteroptions = array( 
	'locale' => '', 
		// optional, add if you need international support
	'deflocale' => 'en', 
		// default locale. Optional as well, template from it are used if no in a `locale`
	'templateprocessorclass' => null, 
		// if not provided then smarty is used. this is one of classes from Gelembjuk/Templating
	'templatecompiledir' => $thisdir.'/email_tmp/',  
		// directory used to store tempopary files of cache engine . It i reuired for Smarty but not needed for Twig
	'templatespath' => $thisdir.'/email_templates/'
		// a base path where email templates and files with subjects are stored
$maileroptions = array(
	'logger' => $logger,
		// (optional) Logger, instance of Gelembjuk\Logger\FileLogger, 
	'format' => $formatteroptions,
		// formatter options
	// other options related to specified email sending class
	// next options are only for PHPMailer
	'mailsystem' => 'smtp', // for phpmailer it can be smtp or mail
	'smtp_host' => 'smtp_host', 	// aka
	'smtp_port' => 25,		// aka 587
	'smtp_secure' => false,		// or true in case of ssl/tls
	'smtp_auth' => true,		// usually true
	'smtp_user' => 'smtp user',	// aka your gmail account
	'smtp_password' => 'smtp password', // your smtp password (gmail etc)


$mailer = new \Gelembjuk\Mail\PHPMailer();

// OR
// $mailer = new \Gelembjuk\Mail\PHPNative(); // uses mail()
// OR 
// $mailer = new \Gelembjuk\Mail\NullMail(); // is only for testing, doesn't send only log


$email_data = array(
	'user' => 'John Smith',
	'activationlink' => ''

	'activate',  // template name
	'', // send to email
	''  // send from email


In this example a templatespath must contain 3 files:

activate.htm - template for this email,

<h3>Hello {$user}</h3>

<p>Click the link <a href="{$activationlink}">{$activationlink}</a></p>

out_default.htm - common out template used fro all emails (aka common header/footer for all emails)

<tr><td>Header. Company name, logo etc</td></tr>


<tr><td>Footer. Contacts, signature etc</td></tr>

subjects.xml - contains text of email subjects for templates

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
		<subject>Activate your new account</subject>
		<description>This email is sent to a user when new account is registered</description>

Different template engines

Now Smarty and Twig can be used. See for more information. More supported engines can be added later.


See the test2.php in examples folder in this project. It shows how to organize structure of locales folders.

// send email with german template

	'activate',  // template name
	'', // send to email
	''  // send from email
// send same email with french template

	'activate',  // template name
	'', // send to email
	''  // send from email


Roman Gelembjuk (@gelembjuk)