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What can you do with ourSQL

At this moment we don't have working applications yet. We will list here something soon.

However, there are some ideas of applications we want to implement as usage examples.

All these applications will use blockchain and are decentralized. To code that app we don't need to care about how blockchain will store data and sync data. We just build an app that stored a data in MySQL DB using OurSQL . OurSQL will do all other work.

Cryptocurrency is suppported by OurSQL by default. And in all examples it will be used to limit activity, to protect from flooding. User actions will require "payment" in cryptocurrency. In more complex applications it is possible to add more smart protection against flooding without payments required. This needs complex consensus rules.

In all cases apps will be decentralized, but will have some starting point to download an app (like bitcoin must be downloaded from

Decentralized blog platform on blockchain

Desktop application, allows to create blog posts by anyone, but payment with internal cryptocurrency required. This is as a protection against flooding Cryptocurrency is supported in OurSQL by default. E member can mint a block to get it or receive from other member. After this can add a post to the blog. Payment amount will burn, it is not payment to someone.

Decentralized chat on blockchain

It will be possible to install this app and exchange messages with other members. Messages will require some payment with internal cryptocurrency (again, to protect againts flooding)

Decentralized voting system

Decentralized system where a member can register having invitation form other members (2 or so). Members can create polls and vote.