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Releases: GemGeorge/SniperPhish

SniperPhish v2.1

11 Feb 18:24
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Features & Enhancements:

  • Upgraded Symfony Mailer library. The minimum PHP version requirement is changed from v7.4 to v8.1 - d8e8986
  • Minor improvements in session handling - 5690b85
  • Minor improvements in login/logout tracking - 31727b9

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed anti-flood control issue - 31c0c73
  • Fixed path issue in sniperhost module - 2eee0a3

SniperPhish v2.0-Stable

15 Dec 09:36
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Features & Enhancements:

  • Added the last login details for all accounts on the User Settings page
  • Improved Email User Group functionality for CSV file import
  • Minor improvements in the Mail Sender page
  • Library upgrades, code, and UX improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed last login tracking issues - 73f0858
  • Fixed account modification controls in the User Settings page asking to update the user's password - d082838
  • Fixed some validation issues on the Mail Sender page - 34e2ac0
  • Fixed non-utf8 character processing issues - f7ab087
  • Fixed tracking issue of logout action - fec6a05
  • Fixed typo issue in template generation - #32

SniperPhish v2.0-Beta

29 Jun 14:01
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This release has major changes to the database model and upgrades to the core functionalities of the toolkit. Hence no upgrade from the previous version is available. Please re-install this version as a fresh application.

Features & Enhancements:

  • Replaced deprecated Swit Mailer with Symfony Mailer
  • Added profile management and multi-admin user account support on SniperPhish
  • Added option to set SniperPhish base URL (helps in SP migration)
  • Added option to configure TLS Peer Verification (helpful when SMTP server uses a self-signed certificate)
  • Added common mail sender templates - Gmail, Amazon SES, Mailchimp, Mailgun, Mailjet, SendGrid, Sendinblue etc.
  • Added option to directly host landing pages
  • Added webhook URL verify option in web-tracker
  • Added last login tracking
  • Added in-app log tracking functionality
  • Date-time format is set fixed throughout the application and set customizable only for campaign results
  • Added junk data deletion option
  • Added quick insert option of landing page link in email template
  • Renamed "{{CID}}" to "{{RID}}" to avoid confusion when the CID parameter is used in the mail body to identify attachments
  • Minor optimizations in the mail reply tracking functionality
  • Improved Email User Group functionality
  • Improved application performance such as page load time
  • Improved web-tracker by adding the choice of changing webhook URL (helpful in SP migration or in multiple SP environments)
  • Removed the choice of SMTP encryption settings by changing it to auto-detect mode

SniperPhish v1.3.1

25 Jun 14:02
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Bug fixes:

  • Fixed UI update issue when a custom tracker is uploaded in email template
  • Other minor bug fixes

SniperPhish v1.3

02 Jan 06:46
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Features & Enhancements:

  • Some common performance improvements (loading, spelling correction etc.)
  • Improved installation process to detect dependencies

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue caused on SniperPhish process exit leading scheduled campaign start failure

SniperPhish v1.2.1

03 Jul 09:47
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Features & Enhancements:

  • Some performance improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed page response delay caused by mail-reply check on the dashboard pages
  • Fixed issue with session expiration

SniperPhish v1.2

25 Jun 12:24
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Features & Enhancements:

  • Added feature of auto-renaming attachments on-the-fly - #5
  • Modified daily limit of capturing IP based info (county, ISP etc.) to nearly unlimited
  • Avoided the requirement for security-sensitive PHP executable function
  • Improved installation error handling
  • Improved SniperPhish session handling
  • Minor optimizations in the SniperPhish process handling
  • Minor optimizations in the Web-tracker generator
  • Some code improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue preventing file upload in SniperHost module
  • Fixed issue adding 0Byte attachments

Example attachment naming on-the-fly

SniperPhish v1.1

29 May 13:05
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Features & Enhancements:

  • Improved the method used to capture reply mail from users
  • Improved Mail Sender page functions
  • An important enhancement in the mail campaign part
  • Minor optimizations in the dashboards

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue on tracking data submitted by users on phishing website forms

Note: In this version, mail replies will not be detected for phishing campaigns sent using an older version

SniperPhish v1.0.1

21 May 11:40
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Features & Enhancements:

  • Minor optimization in Mail Template Editor - 238160a

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a low-rated XSS triggering from user data submission - #4
  • Fixed issue with report generation in PDF format - a1e8329

SniperPhish v1.0

01 May 12:03
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Features & Enhancements:

  • HTML form field auto fetcher for web tracker generator
  • Optimized web tracker code and made jQuery dependency-free
  • Track support to user's geo-location data (Country, ISP, Coordinates etc.) and screen resolution
  • Web tracker linker to mail template
  • Signed and encrypted mail support
  • Added option to send Test Email for mail template
  • Email template store - sample mail templates list
  • Email sender store - default SMTP configuration for common mail senders like Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft
  • Advanced mail campaign customization – read receipt, TO/CC/BCC emails etc.
  • Anti-flood control for emails
  • Non-ASCII (Punycode transcription) support for email and domain

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed some issues in installation error detection and handling
  • Fixed data tracking issue in mobile devices