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Uses an Arduino to meter coins out of an Suzohapp MKII Cube Hopper at an exact interval.

This works great and is used in production.

Tasks for next build:

  • Post a picture of the current build.
  • Test if the whole hopper can be turned off instead of just the motor.
  • It would be nice to print a circuit board for this.

It gets input from the cube hopper's open-collector output time the power on the motor.

A general page on an open-collector circuit details:

Hopper Wiring Notes:

  • Only 5 wires need to connect to the hopper: (Pretend it does not have power like a Ryedale)
  • A 6# (Signal)
  • B 8# (Ground)
  • C 9# (12V Positive)
  • D Black from the motor (Positive: Hopper is wired backwards from the factory)
  • E Red from the motor (Ground: Hopper is wired backwards from the factory)
  • The motor is no longer connected to the hopper control board.

Arduino Takes 12V in with the Barrel jack

  • A To Arduino Pin 0
  • B Ground on the Arduino
  • Solenoid NC
  • Ground PIN on the Relay board
  • E (Ground - Red on Motor)
  • C VIN on the Arduino
  • Solenoid NO
  • E Solenoid COM


  • 5V Arduino To 4700 Ohm then Arduino Pin 0

Relay Module Board Controls:

  • (The input pins must be pulled to ground for the relay to turn on. )
  • VIN to 5V on the Arduino
  • Input 2 to PIN 9 on the Arduino
  • Ground to Ground


Uses an Arduino to Meter coins out of the Cube Hopper at an exact interval



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