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2005-05-24 18:15 Marcelo Subtil Marcal <>
* Barcode/upca.php:
Added UPC-A barcode type. Thanks to Jeffrey K. Brown <>
2005-04-11 17:10 Marcelo Subtil Marcal <>
* Barcode/Code39.php:
Changed str_split function to get definition from PHP_Compat PEAR
Package. Closes Bug #1986 (str_split function problem in code39)
2003-12-18 10:05 Marcelo Subtil Marcal <>
* Barcode.php, Readme.txt, Barcode/int25.php :
Changed my email address
* test-image-barcode.php, Barcode/Code39.php:
Added Code39 barcode type. Thanks do Ryan Briones <>
2003-01-21 09:46 Marcelo Subtil Marcal <>
* Readme.txt, package.xml, Barcode/ean13.php, Barcode/int25.php:
Added EAN13 barcode type. Thanks to Didier FOURNOUT <>
Added a patch to ensure that only numbers
are given to int25 class. Thanks to Mark A.R. <>
2002-11-28 17:28 Marcelo Subtil Marcal <>
* Barcode.php, Makefile, Readme.txt, barcode_img.php, package.xml,
test-image-barcode.php, Barcode/int25.php: Initial revision
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