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= Image_Barcode2 - a package to render barcodes =

With PEAR::Image_Barcode2 class you can create a barcode representation of a
given string.

This class uses GD function because this the generated graphic can be any of
GD supported supported image types.

= Installation =

You can install Image_Barcode2 issuing the following command (as root):

    # pear install Image_Barcode2

If you don't have the 'pear' command, please consult PEAR::The PHP Extension and
Application Repository homepage at

= Getting Started =

Just load the class in your script:


Call the Image_Barcode2::draw() as the follow:

    Image_Barcode2::draw('1234', 'int25', 'png');


= '1234' : string you want to draw as barcode;
= 'int25': barcode type (check the avaible types at 'Barcode' subdir);
= 'png'  : generated graphic type.

= Current State =

You can get the latest code at the PEAR site:

= Contributing =

Help from people who want code new barcode module types are very welcome. Just
send your module directly to

= Credits =

Core class
    written by Marcelo Subtil Marcal <>

Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode module type
    written by Marcelo Subtil Marcal <>

EAN13 barcode module type
    written by Didier FOURNOUT <>

Code39 barcode module type
    written by Ryan Briones <>

UPC-A and Code128 barcode modules
    written by Jeffrey K. Brown <>

PostNet barcode module type
    written by Josef "Jeff" Sipek <>

= Thanks to =

Mark A.R. <>

= Author =

Written by Marcelo Subtil Marcal <>

= Reporting Bugs =

Report bugs at: