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Q: What "Add exclusion and global rules" button do when downloading a subscription?
A: It adds CSS rules that are not binded to a domain and rules consisting only of domain exceptions.

Q: What is the so-called "magic"?
A: Blocking with DefineMagicFunction feature of Opera. In short it is blocking individual global JavaScript functions that generate annoying stuff like advertising, snow, etc by its names.

Q: Is it true that there is no longer need to config webstorage quota?
A: Yes, quota setup for UserJS storage is no longer needed.

Q: How to config the extension?
A: All global options and subscriptions are located in the preferences page of the extension Extensions -> Manage Extensions -> ... -> Preferences or right click on the toolbar button -> Preferences. Toolbar button toggle becomes effective after restarting Opera.

Q: How to write rules by yourself?
A: When writing rules use the following patterns:
For the CSS-selectors: site-url##selectors,separated,by,commas (see http://dev.w3.org/2006/webapi/selectors-api/ for the reference).
For example test.site.tld##.class1,#id1,IMG[src^="test"] rule will block all elements on www.site.tld with class = 'class1' or id = 'id1' or images src attribute of which begins from the word 'test'.
For Magic: [function|var] name of a global function or variable.
For URL-filter: url address mask where * = any characters, and ? = any single character.
URL-filters are just a copy of urlfilter.ini's [exclude] section. Site-specific filters are not supported by Opera, in theory you can load all the rules for each site separately but it will be very ineffective speedwise.
Whitelisting scripts:
@@|| - script address in plain text format,
@@== - script address in RegExp format with dots replaced to their literals automatically (therefore '.' RegExp operator is not accessible).

Q: How do I control the extension?
A: You can control the extension using its toolbar button or its keyboard shortcuts:
Site Settings - Alt+Shift+P
Create a general rule - Alt+Shift+A
Create an accurate rule - Alt+Shift+B
Unblock selected element - Alt+Shift+U
Unblock last element - Alt+Shift+L
To block or unblock multiple items press Shift key when clicking.
To temporary hide elements press Ctrl key when clicking.

Q: What reasons can cause slowdowns or large memory consumption of the extension?
A: It is probably because of large CSS-selectors list or, more likely, large URL-filters list. Use standard urlfilter.ini in the Opera folder for a speedup and add only the necessary rules, otherwise take ad-blocking away to an external application (proxy or firewall). It is also worth a try to disable the "Quick button" on the "Scripts" preferences tab.