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/* vim: set expandtab sw=4 ts=4 sts=4: */
* displays and handles the form where the user can change his password
* linked from index.php
* @package PhpMyAdmin
use PhpMyAdmin\Display\ChangePassword;
use PhpMyAdmin\Message;
use PhpMyAdmin\Response;
use PhpMyAdmin\UserPassword;
* Gets some core libraries
require_once './libraries/';
$response = Response::getInstance();
$header = $response->getHeader();
$scripts = $header->getScripts();
* Displays an error message and exits if the user isn't allowed to use this
* script
if (! $GLOBALS['cfg']['ShowChgPassword']) {
$GLOBALS['cfg']['ShowChgPassword'] = $GLOBALS['dbi']->selectDb('mysql');
if ($cfg['Server']['auth_type'] == 'config' || ! $cfg['ShowChgPassword']) {
__('You don\'t have sufficient privileges to be here right now!')
} // end if
* If the "change password" form has been submitted, checks for valid values
* and submit the query or logout
if (isset($_REQUEST['nopass'])) {
if ($_REQUEST['nopass'] == '1') {
$password = '';
} else {
$password = $_REQUEST['pma_pw'];
$change_password_message = UserPassword::setChangePasswordMsg();
$msg = $change_password_message['msg'];
if (! $change_password_message['error']) {
UserPassword::changePassword($password, $msg, $change_password_message);
} else {
* If the "change password" form hasn't been submitted or the values submitted
* aren't valid -> displays the form
// Displays an error message if required
if (isset($msg)) {
echo ChangePassword::getHtml('change_pw', $username, $hostname);