@mennodekker mennodekker released this Aug 1, 2017 · 112 commits to r1.8.2 since this release

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!! After initial release of 1.8.2 it was updated because an error was found in the database update script. If you upgraded before 2017-08-01 please check the last database patch. !!

See Changelog for all changes since 1.8.1
Please note that some of these changes / bugfixes were backported to the 1.8.1-px versions.

New features:

  • You can change the organization(s) a patient belongs to (and move his/her tracks)
  • Correct token button added to menu
  • Memo field type for tracks
  • (Re)import imported files

Automatic mail

  • Preview option for automatic mailjobs
  • Automatic mailjobs can now filter for relations, check your jobs!
  • Automatic mail execution can be logged to file when set in the project.ini

Interface improvements:

  • When a token is corrected links are visible when seeing the token to open the original / copy
  • Improved interface for communication templates and automatic mail
  • The Contact => Bugs and GemsTracker pages have been refreshed with a default bugs url (use Roles to make invisible)
  • Editing staff and organizations uses extra defaults for smoother creation
  • Different respondent search, edit and show screens can be set for a user group
  • Different respondent edit and show screens can be set for each organization, overruling user group settings
  • Different token ask screens can be set for each organization

Export improvements:

  • Answers from inactive patients can now be exported
  • Depending on rights patient numbers, patient gender and birth year and month can be exported with answers


  • The types of staff that a user can create/edit are determined at the group level
  • A default group for new users can be set at the user group level
  • Roles only determine what menu items are allowed, you no longer need to have a right to assign it to another staff
  • Private data can now be hidden or (partially) masked for groups, e.g. researchers need not see patient names
  • Added "site administrator" role and group between local admin and super admin
  • Administrators may now have the right to switch the used group to any they may set


  • The full Gems version number is only displayed after login
  • All recalculate, check, synchronize, patch and run commands log the item they are started for
  • Delete, deactivate and reactivate actions are logged correctly
  • New security headers and meta tags can be set from the project.ini
  • All staff users have to follow the password rules for staff, even if their role does not inherit staff


  • Before field save events allows changing the fields after their new values have been calculated
  • Respondent changed events can be set at the organization level
  • It is easier to change part of the display in ShowTrackTokenSnippet
  • Less compile now uses relativeUrls during compilation, added logoFile and logoHeight variables


  • Blocked users were not blocked
  • The APC Cache was cleared incorrectly
  • The var/tmp directory is created when needed and it does not exist
  • Users can no longer export data from patients in other organizations


  • On acceptance and demonstration mail only respondent mails are bounce, staff mails are sent to receiver
  • Administrators may now have the right to switch the used group to any they may set