Java Client Library & Examples for Genability API
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genability-java is the official Genability maintained Java client library for the Genability APIs.

Get the JAR from Maven Central Repository

The Genability API Java client library is now available on the Maven Central Repository! Hosted on Sonatype's OSSH, you can now use the library with a couple of lines of XML. Just add the following to pom.xml in your Maven-enabled project:


You'll still need an appId and appKey to make any requests. Get an appId at or sign up if you are new to Genability.

Be sure to check out the tutorial and the tutorial app for some examples to get you started.

How to Run the Tests

  1. Get an appId and appKey.
  2. Put the appId and appKey in the src/test/resources/ file.
  3. Compile the library and run JUnit tests with mvn test.
  4. Develop your own app. Read the API documentation at