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Releases: GenericMappingTools/GMT.jl


13 Feb 11:07
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GMT v1.11.1

Diff since v1.11.0

Merged pull requests:

Closed issues:

  • Register v"1.10.1" (#1349)


12 Feb 00:33
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GMT v1.11.0

Diff since v1.10.1

Merged pull requests:

  • Move the "boxes" code out of pcolor and make it a new function. (#1350) (@joa-quim)
  • Update the list of remote datasets names that can be accessed from earthregions. (#1351) (@joa-quim)
  • Change the grid type to allow complex grids too. Make the necessary cahnges in gdal.jl (#1352) (@joa-quim)
  • Fix the case where band list was ignored when reading a variable from netcdf with GDAL (#1353) (@joa-quim)
  • Add a setccords! function to assign coordinates to grids and images. (#1354) (@joa-quim)
  • Only pass in kwargs to first Dataset (apparently quite mem expensive) (#1355) (@joa-quim)
  • Add a weather() function to plot weather data from (#1356) (@joa-quim)
  • Let also try to plot two different projected axes. (#1357) (@joa-quim)
  • Add a fillnodata() GDAL function (#1358) (@joa-quim)
  • Add a new method of xyzw2cube() that accepts GMTdaset as input. (#1359) (@joa-quim)
  • Reset the CURRENT_CPT to empty after calling gmt("end " * show). (#1360) (@joa-quim)
  • Let viz(cube, slice=?) plot only one slice of the cube C (#1361) (@joa-quim)
  • Need to use isJupyter[] also in VS code notebooks. (#1363) (@joa-quim)
  • Add convoluted test to avoid trying to access a non defined var (args...) (#1364) (@joa-quim)
  • The subplot() function needed to know earlier if it is called in a notebook. (#1365) (@joa-quim)
  • Let cubeplot accept an inset option to show the cube guts. (#1366) (@joa-quim)
  • Improve & fixes on the cubeslice function. (#1367) (@joa-quim)
  • cubeplot() now accepts inset and received a new method to work with cubes. (#1368) (@joa-quim)
  • Let gdalread also fetch the v coordinates for cubes. (#1369) (@joa-quim)
  • Add cubeplot! methods (#1370) (@joa-quim)

Closed issues:

  • Register v"1.10.0" (#1346)
  • subplots and normal plots do not show correctly in jupyter-lab environment (#1362)


07 Jan 18:08
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GMT v1.10.1

Diff since v1.10.0

Merged pull requests:

  • Fix the case where no color matrix but X;Y are vectors (#1347) (@joa-quim)
  • Change -S output layout depending on input pts in -S (#1348) (@joa-quim)

Closed issues:

  • Register v"1.9.3" (#1340)


06 Jan 05:06
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GMT v1.10.0

Diff since v1.9.3

Merged pull requests:

  • Make GDAL 'contains' an extension of Base.contains so that we can find that method (#1341) (@joa-quim)
  • Add DataFrames as a week dependency. Wrap the DataFrames join functions. (#1342) (@joa-quim)
  • Introduce a experimental gisjoin function (that still doesn't join) (#1343) (@joa-quim)
  • Add a spatialjoin function and change GMTdataset attribute type. (#1344) (@joa-quim)
  • Let pcolor alternatively return the tiles outline in a GMTdataset (#1345) (@joa-quim)

Closed issues:

  • Register v"1.9.2" (#1336)


28 Dec 02:17
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GMT v1.9.3

Diff since v1.9.2

Merged pull requests:

  • Add a get_geoglimits() function to a little better determine geog limits of projected grid/images. (#1337) (@joa-quim)
  • Silence GDAL ERRORs when point is not coordinate invertible. (#1338) (@joa-quim)
  • Let plot be nested in other module calls. (#1339) (@joa-quim)

Closed issues:

  • Register v"1.9.1" (#1331)


26 Dec 04:08
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GMT v1.9.2

Diff since v1.9.1

Merged pull requests:

  • Add option to wrap KernelSmooth objects. (#1332) (@joa-quim)
  • Add units to -W to avoid corner case where a deprecated syntax was inferred (#1334) (@joa-quim)
  • Add new method that clips an input grid or image by masking the polygon(s) outside. (#1335) (@joa-quim)

Closed issues:

  • Register v"1.9.0" (#1328)


20 Dec 00:27
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GMT v1.9.1

Diff since v1.9.0

Merged pull requests:

  • Introduce a mat2img16 fun to avoid mat2img methods ambiguity. (#1329) (@joa-quim)
  • Fix the description/usage(future) of 'hasnans' (#1330) (@joa-quim)

Closed issues:

  • grdinterpolate in test_cube.jl (#898)
  • distance(x,x) fails (#974)
  • Install issues with boost (#1227)
  • Register v"1.8.0" (#1316)


19 Dec 02:21
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GMT v1.9.0

Diff since v1.8.0

Merged pull requests:

  • Fix bug introduced when reducing the methods. clip needs a method with no positional args. (#1317) (@joa-quim)
  • Changes to allow modern mode cells in Jupyter. (#1318) (@joa-quim)
  • Add functions to do zonal statistics. (#1319) (@joa-quim)
  • When processing the DCW polygons check min size and assign a NAME attribute. (#1320) (@joa-quim)
  • Only scan the header field if DCWnames is true. (#1321) (@joa-quim)
  • Only create a attrib["Feature_ID"] if GMT date is > 10 December 21023 (#1322) (@joa-quim)
  • Correctly slice Pixel interleaved images. (#1323) (@joa-quim)
  • Un-comment a kine that was reverting the n_colors trick to write Mx4 colormaps. (#1324) (@joa-quim)
  • Let gmtread be able to read a nc cube with 'layers=:all' (#1325) (@joa-quim)
  • Add dumb positional arg to mat2img to allow dispatch with UInt16 (#1326) (@joa-quim)
  • Add a 'cumdist' option to allow easy computation of accumulated distance along tracks. (#1327) (@joa-quim)

Closed issues:

  • Register v"1.7.0" (#1299)


23 Nov 23:06
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GMT v1.8.0

Diff since v1.7.0

Merged pull requests:

  • Use sprintf instead of @sprintf in some places. Fix issue in gmtread. Less methods. (#1300) (@joa-quim)
  • Fix a few instabilities in orbits and pca. (#1301) (@joa-quim)
  • More type stabilities attempts. Fix bug in time column determination when only one column is present. (#1302) (@joa-quim)
  • More attempts to reduce the number of dynamic dispatches (#1303) (@joa-quim)
  • Lower Julia version requirement to 1.6. (#1304) (@joa-quim)
  • Let guess_T_from_ext() also find the .arrow, .feather & .parquet files. (#1306) (@joa-quim)
  • Add more wrappers & methods to support the new gdaldrivers() function. (#1307) (@joa-quim)
  • Add a new moisaic() function that downloads and mosaic images tiles served by web tiles servers. (#1308) (@joa-quim)
  • Use the pt_radius to create the proj4 string saved in the GMTimage. (#1309) (@joa-quim)
  • Improve the mosaic cache mechanism. (#1310) (@joa-quim)
  • Add a geocoder() function to get coordinates of Addresses. (#1311) (@joa-quim)
  • Add option to return the image with the exact requested limits. (#1312) (@joa-quim)
  • Let providers type from TilesProvider be accepted as well in mosaic() (#1313) (@joa-quim)
  • Make the exact limits be the default behavior. (#1314) (@joa-quim)
  • Revert #1287 that removed is_in_kwargs and broke several things. (#1315) (@joa-quim)

Closed issues:

  • Precompilation issue on mac (#1234)


28 Oct 01:38
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GMT v1.7.0

Diff since v1.6.0

Merged pull requests:

  • Add PCA functions for matrices, datasets, grids and images. (#1263) (@joa-quim)
  • Add k-means functions. (#1264) (@joa-quim)
  • Fix bad logic in DS extracting columns by name with Time. (#1265) (@joa-quim)
  • Add sealand/terramar functions (#1266) (@joa-quim)
  • Add the cmap2cpt wherev a CPT is rebuilt from Image's colormap. (#1267) (@joa-quim)
  • Change Image's nodata type to Float32 (#1268) (@joa-quim)
  • Add the "labels" field to the GMTimage type to hold categorical color names. (#1269) (@joa-quim)
  • Hopefully fix once for all the detection of categorical CPTs. (#1270) (@joa-quim)
  • Add a categorical fields to the GMTcpt type. (#1271) (@joa-quim)
  • Fixes various inconsistencies (and bugs) found with the gallery examples. (#1272) (@joa-quim)
  • Support Symbol Dict as -T argument (#1273) (@ZMAlt)
  • Let gmtset also apply its arguments immediately to the API. (#1274) (@joa-quim)
  • Fix bug in common_insert_R!() from previous commit. (#1275) (@joa-quim)
  • Reset global variables at begin and end of modern mode scripts. (#1276) (@joa-quim)
  • Revert some previous changes regarding dealing with -R...+r cases. (#1277) (@joa-quim)
  • Clever dcidions when opt_R2num is dealing with string arguments. (#1278) (@joa-quim)
  • Replace Val with val (#1281) (@ZMAlt)
  • Fix logic bug that prevented recognizing valid strings starting with @ (#1282) (@joa-quim)
  • Fix parsing of '-SEllipse-' parsing. the '-' was lost. (#1283) (@joa-quim)
  • Also deal with the case when -S+s gets us two outputs. (#1284) (@joa-quim)
  • Call gmt_restart() is a BG color was used. BG colors screw the API state. (#1285) (@joa-quim)
  • Changes in some modules to have less methods. (#1286) (@joa-quim)
  • Replace 'is_in_kwargs' with buildin function 'in' (#1287) (@ZMAlt)
  • Deal with unknow PS corruption when BG color is used. (#1289) (@joa-quim)
  • More less methods (#1290) (@joa-quim)
  • Rewrite 'del_from_dict' and rename it to 'delete!' (#1291) (@ZMAlt)
  • Continue work to cut unused methods that get created by default options. (#1292) (@joa-quim)
  • Add new function to generate random points inside polygons (#1293) (@joa-quim)
  • Compute vertical vector coordinates for cubes when they don't have a correct one. (#1294) (@joa-quim)
  • Protect cube ingestion when it has not set[3] (#1295) (@joa-quim)
  • Simplify function arg2str by mlutiple dispatch (#1296) (@ZMAlt)
  • SEveral misc fixes including alias reaming, and a no call GMTclose() that sometimes crshed. (#1297) (@joa-quim)
  • Add local solution to grdinterpolate from in-memory cubes. (#1298) (@joa-quim)

Closed issues:

  • imshow: Catch user trying to apply a CPT to an image (#574)
  • Local gmt.conf file not being used? (#828)
  • makecpt -T inconsistency (#1033)
  • Register v"1.5.0" (#1257)
  • Plotting multiple shapefiles fail (#1280)
  • Use more built-in functions and redefine built-in functions (#1288)