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@seisman seisman released this Jul 3, 2019 · 251 commits to 6.0 since this release

Second release candidate of GMT 6.0.0.

File Description MD5 checksum
gmt-6.0.0rc2-darwin-x86_64.dmg Mac installer bd2ace277c074752645d37bc0330bd13
gmt-6.0.0rc2-src.tar.gz Source code 50aacf0c3a86dd29b125ead2abfa7bfa
gmt-6.0.0rc2-src.tar.xz Source code 96141e4a9788bfcd2045273d6e2b9be5
gmt-6.0.0rc2-win32.exe Windows installer (32bit) beae1da774bf6f327df9d9f141f100e9
gmt-6.0.0rc2-win64.exe Windows installer (64bit) c7eb8123509edd8c4abeef57eaa7d5b7
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