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Genesys Source Framework is an open-source, cross-platform business object reusability framework. Structure-only so you can build your business entities as cross-platform, self-serializing objects, such as CustomerInfo. Add reusability to your software stack without the cost and uncertainty.
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Your Genesys Source Framework

Genesys Source Framework

One Framework - Your Data - Any Platform

Features & Benefits

Genesys Source Framework helps you create your business-object framework with standard C# knowledge and minimal plumbing. Your objects can migrate full-stack, and be consumed in MVC, Web API, WPF, UWP and Xamarin iOS/Android. Works with your existing SQL tables, and allows you to incrementally build your reusable Framework one object, one page at a time.

Projects included in the Genesys Source Framework

Framework.DataAccess - Entity Framework (EF)/Data Access Object (DAO) project. Contains EF (database first), Data Access Objects, CRUDEntity, ModelEntity, EntityReader and EntityWriter.

Framework.Models - Cross-Platform View Models project. Contains the Framework-level view models for http transport and .Serialize() built-in.

Framework.Interop - Cross-Platform Interface project. All projects reference this project so that interfaces are enforced in all tiers, and on mobile device as well.

Framework.Web - MVC and Web API support project. Contains UI/UX classes and user controls.

Framework.Universal - UWP and Xamarin support project. Contains UI/UX classes and user controls.

Framework.Desktop - WPF and WinForms support project. Contains UI/UX classes and user controls.

More information

Critical Next Steps

❶ Install .NET Core SDK [download]
❷ Update Visual Studio [download]
❸ Build solution to verify .NET Core

Developer Next Steps

❶ Right-click -> Set as Startup Project

❷ Press F5 to run debugger

❸ Click Search to lookup a customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the DB connection string?

  1. Open \App_Data\ConnectionStrings.json
  2. Change DefaultConnection to match your DB

Where is the Web Service Url?

  1. Open \App_Data\AppSettings.json
  2. Change MyWebService to match your Url

How to read from my database?

  1. Open Framework.Database\ CustomerCode\ Views\ CustomerInfo.sql
  2. Change this view to join to your "Person" table

How to write to my database?

  1. Open Framework.Database\ CustomerCode\ Stored Procedures\ CustomerInsert.sql
  2. Change this SP to insert to your "Person" table

How to publish the database?

  1. Open Framework.Database\Publish\PublishToDev.publish.xml (Ensure database connection is correct)
  2. Click Generate Script and review
  3. Click Publish to push changes to SQL

How to publish to a web server?

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click Framework.WebApp
  2. Click Publish, the Publish window will display
  3. Click the Settings... link in the Publish window
  4. Change Target Location to the dev web site folder path, click Save
  5. Click Publish to publish the project to your development web server

22431 Antonio, Suite B160-843
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
+1 949.544.1900 | @genesyssource

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