Genesys Foundation is an open-source, cross-platform quick start business framework that works with your existing tables
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Genesys Source Framework Foundation

Genesys Framework Foundation is a pre-setup full-stack .NET Solution to house your reusable business objects, such as CustomerInfo. Works with your existing SQL tables, and allows you to incrementally upgrade your custom software page at a time.


  • Genesys.Foundation: Structure and functionality foundation to support your reusable framework. Classes such as CrudEntity, EntityReader and EntityWriter.
  • Genesys.Extensions: .NET Framework extension methods for null-safe, strongly-typed operations.
  • Genesys.Extras: .NET Framework-level classes for common tasks such as Http request/response, serialization, string manipulation, error logging, etc.


  • Genesys.Foundation.Entity: Entity Foundation 6.1.3, C#, .NET 4.6
  • Genesys.Foundation.Interfaces: Portable Class Library (Windows, Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android), C#, .NET 4.6, Profile 151
  • Genesys.Foundation.Models: Portable Class Library (Windows, Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android), C#, .NET 4.6, Profile 151

Bringing reusability to your code without the cost and uncertainty.

Genesys Framework is currently in release preview, for more information visit

Reference Site and Documentation

Genesys Source Framework documentation is available at Genesys Framework Foundation...

Dev Environment and Compiling

Please use VisualStudio 2015 and build using the IDE or MSBuild.exe.

Git Repo