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The preparation of this dataset was completed by Genevieve Milliken for a digital humanities project at Pratt Institute's School of Information during Spring 2019. Using a digital copy of the WPA directory from HathiTrust, congregation, national affiliation, sub affiliation, church name, building type, congregation race, and address were transferred. Each location with a street address was geocoded and locations with only cross streets provided were estimated using internet searches, archival material, and/or Google Maps. Subsets for Catholic, Baptist, Jewish, and Spriritual Churches were created from the full dataset, all of which are included in this repository.

DATASET SOURCE: "Directory of Churches and Religious Organizations in New Orleans" This directory was originally prepared by the Historical Records Survey, Community Service Programs, Works Project Administration (WPA) University, Louisiana, The Department of Archives, Louisiana State University March, 1941

POSSIBLE USES: Using and improving on this dataset is strongly encouraged. Possible uses for this dataset include, but are not limited to, statistical and spatial analysis as well as research in the fields of religious studies, urban studies, urban development, geography, and race relations in New Orleans.

For comments or questions about this dataset, please contact at genevieve [dot] milliken [at] gmail [dot] com

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